Quickie Garage-Sale Makeover

I bought this wicker basket trunk-chest-thingy for $1 at a garage sale earlier this summer, with full intentions of making-it-over.  This is one of those pieces that looks better in pictures than it does in real life.  It definitely needed some TLC.  It's still not one of those things that's going to be in our house forever...but for now it fills a purpose, and for that it's handy.

The trunk landed in our sunroom.  In there, I'm trying to incorporate a grey & yellow color palette, so I decided it needed spray paint.  Before you gasp in horror at the thought of spray painting such a handsome basket-thingy, just remember, the photos were very kind to this piece.

Color used on this project were both Rustoleum (according to Julie over at Joy's Hope, that IS theee only acceptable brand of spray paint)...Stone Gray (I wish everyone knew how to spell grey...it's g.r.E.y...get it right, peeps!)...and Sun Yellow.  I like Stone Gray (it pains me to type it that way) because it's not too dark and industrial-looking.  Sun Yellow is currently my favorite shade of yellow...other than Lemon Grass...I love that one, too.  Sun Yellow also happens to perfectly match a chair in my sunroom...you'll see that later.

I started out with a very difficult, intricate technique.  I took the trunk out on my deck, set it on my spray-painting sheet (everyone has one of those, right? Oh, and don't faint...I defaced this vintage sheet loooong before I was aware of the evils of such actions)...and sprayed a wide strip of yellow down the center of the back, lid and front.  I'm fairly certain I could have sent my 7-year-old son out to do that part.

I had to let that dry for what seemed like an eternity (yesterday was 94* and humid--yuck!).  My plan was then to cover the handles and tape off nice straight, neat lines for painting the outside strips of grey.  Taping off the handles went swimmingly.  Then I got to taping off the center strip.  This truck is old, folks...and rickety...and crooked...  Measuring out those lines was taking waaaaayy too much brain power and more patience than I'll ever have.  And then...I found this...
Work smarter, not harder...that's what I say.  Anywhoo...this piece of cardboard just so happened to be the perfect width for my yellow strip.  I held it down firmly across the top and then across the front, being sure to spray paint in a downward direction from above the carboard so that the grey wouldn't overspray on the yellow.

I let that all dry overnight down in the laundry room (we have a dehumidifier running in there) and removed the tape covering the handles this morning. Viola!

Here she is in her new home.  You can see what that part of the sunroom looked like before...and then after.

It's no grand work of art...but for $1, I'm pretty pleased with it.  It holds a bunch of unsightly toys and adds a bright pop of color to that corner of the room.

...and now to add a bit of humor to your weekend...
I guess this is what you get
when you attempt to take a good pic of all your children...
all four of them...
Austyn, my oldest, has the classic I'm-smiling-because-the-sooner-I-do-the-sooner-this-will-be-done look...
Colton sees that there are other boys at the park...finally some male playmates...
Addison is staring off into the sky...at a bird or some such thing...
And Eden is so happy, she just doesn't know why.

This is one of those 
perfectly imperfect
It perfectly captured the essence 
of each of my babies.
I love them so.

Wishing you a happy weekend
filled with memory-making times with your loves...
and a bit of peace and quiet for you.

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