Thrifty Finds Thursday

We attend church every Wednesday evening in a city nearly forty-five minutes from our home.  In an effort to save on fuel expenses, I try to work in most of my thrifting runs around my travels to church.  There are four (four!) resale stops in that general direction.  None of them are on my way, per se; but they're only a few-mile detour here or there...still cheaper than making a special trip just to go to Goodwill (not that I have anything against trips exclusively for the purpose of thrifting...but when you drive a gas-guzzling Suburban,  and you live twenty-five minutes from any sign of civilization, the savings of resale are diminished a bit by spontaneous let's-stop-at-Goodwill trips).

Since the majority of my thrifting is done on Wednesdays, it just makes sense for me to share my finds with you (lucky you!) on Thursdays.  Plus...Thursday is the only day of the week that starts with "th"...thus allowing for alliteration with "thrifting."  Resale Rednesday and Goodwill Gunday just don't have the same ring, know what I mean?

Eventually, I'd love to turn this into a linky party...but I'm new to this whole blogging thing (and I just opened my Etsy store today--you did know that, right?!), and I have no clue how-in-theee-world to do that whole link-up-here stuff and I'm too worn out right now to try to figure it out .  If you're super-smart (or just a bit more blog-savvy than I), and know how to do all those fancy-schmancy things, I'd love it if you'd enlighten me.  Or even share a link to a really good, really easy linky tutorial.  

Yesterday, the pickin's were pretty slim...
I was only able to stop at two Goodwill stores...and one of those is very regularly haunted by one of my good friends (who sometimes reads this blog☺), so my luck there has been decreasing steadily.

I was able to score a few treasures...
☛HUGE vintage chevron afghan
☛antique Delft tea pot
☛Laptop Holder (what an ingenious name for a product!...I know a company that's hiring a new creative marketing rep.) technically, I didn't score that afghan or the teapot.  My hubs (prince, knight-in-shining-armor, all of the above) will often drop in to a resale shop if he gets off work at a decent time...which is practically never...but still, sometimes.  Any-whooo...he found the afghan and the tea pot at one of his stops yesterday.  I'm pretty sure that both of them are headed for the Etsy.

The Laptop Holder was a bonafide need.  If you follow me on Instagram...or if you've paid close attention to a few of my pics on here, you'll notice that I've been using a baking rack as a stand for my laptop.  I found the LH at a rummage sale today...for $1!!!  Granted, the original price was only $5, but still!...saves me the time and energy of looking for one...and saves me a bit of moo-la.  And even better, I'm using it right this very minute...and it's perfect!

☛all-leather brown Sperry lace-ups
☛floral painting
☛vintage Abbey Press wall hanging

The brown leather shoes were a blessing, for shore.  I hate buying brand-new clothing, especially shoes...not for myself, and not for my kids...they grow too stinkin' fast!!!  Last fall, I had to buy Colton a brand-new pair of tennis shoes...I got them at Target and they cost me $28...I thought I was going to faint.  Not good.  So, to find this top-brand, all-leather pair of shoes...for $2.99...that was awesome...oh, and of course, the fact that they fit him is nice, too.

The Abbey Press wall hanging is larger than it may appear in the photo, measuring 18" x 6" (also, this is another "hubs find").  It's nothing special, just paper laminated onto particle board...but the graphics are adorable, and it's kind of growing on me.  I think it's here to stay. 

The painting...this happy little floral painting is my favorite find of the day.  Framed it measures 15 1/2" x 9 1/2".  The frame needs some TLC (i.e. spray paint), but the painting itself is beautiful.  I'm not a huge painting fan.  I usually prefer photos or needlework...but this one...this one stole. my. heart.  I wish you could see it in is so, so special.

...and now, the question of the day...
the painting is signed...wondering if anyone recognizes the signature...or if it's just a "nobody".  If it's the latter, well then, Nobody, you made my day!


  1. I SAW the teapot but knew u were selling ur set so didnt text u with it. Funny that Paul picked it up!


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