Thrifty Finds Thursday

We--my hubs, four kids, and I--are leaving later this evening for a week-long trek down to Dixie-land.  Paul is from Mississippi and we're visiting a bunch of friends and relatives down there.  And yes, we do know a hurricane is passing through.  And yes, we are taking umbrellas...for those of you who are concerned.

I'm writing this post from a kiddie table at our local library.  I don't know how other mothers operate...but the few hours before leaving for a long trip--those are the very worst for me.  I've got everyone packed, arrangements made for care-taking of the dog and chickens, and the house is all cleaned-up...and I want it to stay that way.  So...what to do?  I decided to take my kids, all four of them, to the library.  I'm fairly certain that the noise level we brought with us is against some local ordinance, but until someone approaches me about it, I'm happy to assume a position of ignorant bliss.

Today's thrifty finds are actually from last Friday.  I wasn't able to hit my resale stops last night...but you'll see that the stuff I found the day after last week's "Thrifty Finds" post are well worth mentioning.

☛I was thrilled to find this Sizzix die cut machine, complete with an entire Lollipop number set.  I don't do scrapbooking, but I figured it'd still be useful in some sort of crafting.  If not, I know I have plenty of friends that'd be willing to give me a good trade for it.

☛vintage Family Feud electronic game--complete with four game cartridges and corresponding books (three still new-in-package).  This was one of those purchases (although very inexpensive) that was far better in theory than in reality.  The electronic game is in working condition, but there are no instructions present in anything I bought.  I may have to give it to my 8-year-old son and have him figure it out for me.

☛small brass horse figure
☛wooden/metal tie hanger
☛3-piece straw serving dish caddy set
☛small Pyrex Butterprint fridgie
☛oversized decorative spoon and fork
☛ceramic owl
Of all these items, only the owl and the tie hanger are not vintage.  Colton wants to decorate his bedroom vintage with a Western flair--the small brass horse will fit well in there.  The tie hanger is headed for Spray Paint Land (the wooden part) and then a creative makeover.  I'm fairly certain the straw caddies are the perfect size to hold my vintage Pyrex baking pans.  The small Butterprint fridgie will find its home along with all my other fridgie sets.  The fork and spoon set will be repainted and then it's headed for the Etsy.  And the owl was a complete impluse buy...I bought it because I like almost anything owl or bird related.

☛These are all seasonal items, headed for the Etsy during the Fall and Christmas shop updates.

☛I purchased these "paintings" and the contact paper for a craft project I've been dying to try out.  You can read all about it here...and you can also enter my first giveaway!!!

.........aaaaaaannndd!!!! {{{drumroll please!!!}}}
You're never going to believe it!
Remember that fabulous painting from last week?
The one that stole my heart?
I found its mate!!!
If you look at them carefully, you'll notice subtle differences.

I was so excited to find the first one...even more so when I found the second one.

I've already warned my sister-in-law that I want to go to every thrift store, flea market, and antique shop within a hundred miles of her house.  I'm hoping to have some incredible finds to share with you next week.

Be patient with me, please.  I'm new to the blogging world (and LOVING it, by the way).  I'll be out of town for a week...I'm going to try to post a time or two while I'm gone, but if not, you'll forgive me, right?  Please?  Thanks so much.


  1. Have so much fun on your trip! And be safe! Thrifting while on vacation is, seriously, the best!!

  2. Are you kidding me?! That painting turned out amazing with the aqua background, I'm in love with it! I'll be keeping my eye out in your shop for the santa goodies to add to my collection! :)

    1. Kristina...if you want to try to work out deets on those Santa pieces *before* they go into the Etsy, feel free to email me (email addy on my "Contact Me" page. And those paintings? Aren't they fabulous! I was SO happy to find the 2nd one. I'm going to do a floral painting/stitchery showcase wall in my living room soon. Can't wait!

  3. Can't wait too see it! I'll email you tomorrow!


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