Thrifty Finds Thursday--Mississippi Edition

We left home last Thursday evening to go visit my husband's family down in Mississippi.  My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, and I had already planned a resale-shopping date for Saturday morning.  

I don't know how you are, but I'm always very excited to thrift in a new area.  I hold high hopes that I'm going to find some fabulous treasure at a ridiculously low price.  For whatever reason, I held particularly high hopes for my thrifting adventure in the South.  

☛Collier's World Atlas and Gazetteer from 1947
☛Pyrex "Square Flowers" 404 bowl with stand and lid
The Atlas is the first item I found.  Elizabeth and I went to this hole-in-the-wall flea market, and I chanced upon this at the second table.  The maps are in fabulous vintage condition and the colors (all done in blues and greens) are amazing.  My plan right now is to use the pages for various projects.

This Pyrex bowl is my first "Square Flowers" piece.  I've been wanting pieces from this pattern for quite a while now, and though I've found them in several places, I've been too cheap thrifty to spend the price the sellers were asking.  Although neither the lid nor the stand actually "go" with the bowl, they are both Pyrex accessories and will be useful with other items in my collection.  All in all, it was a good buy--all three pieces for $7.

☛pair of vintage wooden embroidery hoops
☛pair of vintage metal trays
☛pair of vintage Hummel stitcheries
In this case, good things came in pairs...although there are three pairs, so one could argue that good things still come in three's.  All of the items in this photo are actually larger than they appear.  

The embroidery hoops are 14 1/2" round.  I'll use them for Etsy projects.

The metal trays are 14 1/2" x 9" and are adorable with their old-timey kitchen motif.  I'm pretty sure they're going in the Etsy, too...along with the pair of Hummels.

☛vintage mustard Royal Traveler toiletries tote
☛vintage girl's jewelry box
☛vintage handmade doll
I couldn't resist this vintage mustard make-up tote.  I had just envied a gorgeous aqua one posted on Instagram days earlier...and although this isn't aqua, the lining is in fabulous condition and it was so reasonably priced, I couldn't leave it behind.

I would have passed up the jewelry box...except for the fact that it still has the twirling ballerina inside...and she still dances...and the music still plays!!!  I cannot remember the last time I found one of these in working condition.  I had to get it.  I still don't know what I'm going to do with it.

The handmade doll came home with me, headed for the Etsy.  My 4-year-old Addison saw her...and that.was.that. She has been officially named (by Addison, of course) Allison Rain Feather.  Yes.  My child is destined to be a hippie.  For sure.

All in all, I've got to say, I was a bit underwhelmed at my luck down South.  We went to two very large flea markets, along with several thrift stores.  I certainly thought that I'd find more goodies. Still, Elizabeth and I had a blast together...laughing...chatting...eating...and laughing some more.  In my book, any day spent thrifting with a dear friend is a!

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