Hey, Y'all...It's Fall!!!

I haven't decorated for Fall since at least 2009.
{And yes, I know that technically "Fall" isn't supposed to be capitalized...but I like to capitalize it.  
So I'm going to.  K?}
Between my mom being sick {Fall, 2010} and us moving {Fall, 2011},
I just had too much going on to even think about being Fall festive.

I really had no plans to dig out my decorations this year.
And then...
Then these two packages arrived☟☟☟

  Well, obviously after receiving bundles full of such goodness,
{from Jen at Lipstick and Laundry
and Angela at Days Turning into Years}
 there was no way I could not do it up for the season.
So here's my little "Fall Home Tour"...
{actually, it's kind of my "Fall Sunroom-Kitchen-Dining Room-Living Room Tour".}
{our back door--back door friends are best, of course}

{my mom made me that quilt♥}
{and yes, it seriously bothers me that it hangs over the fireplace rock trim, but that rod is mounted up there for another wall hanging and I'm not about to permanently mar the wall for a Fall quilt--my OCD does have its limits}

{Angela made me the spider bunting! Eeeeeeepp!  The cuteness!}

{I've had the cornucopia, ceramic fruit, and straw pumpkin since we were first married}
{oh! and those branches? my baby brother (he's 27) got those for me last Christmas.  They're from Viva Terra and ridiculously expensive. and frivolous. and one of my very favoritest gifts ever...I'll show them to you lit up later.}

{i got that little "God's gift" stitchery at a garage sale for 5¢...love it}

{a bunch of the Fall-y goodness in this shot is from Jen...isn't the "harvest" banner to.die.for?!}

{a parting shot...those lovely branches all lit up...aren't they so pretty?}

the weekend ahead...
flea market with friends,
cookout with friends,
crafting with a friend...
enjoying the crisp Fall air...
and glorying in the beauty He created...
it's all around us.

happy weekend, friends!


  1. Great job with the decor!! I'm sooo happy you are pleased with your goodies... My fall swap pack hasn't come :( oh well... The quilt your mom made you is so special what a treasure...

  2. Jenny is one of my very best friends, though we live on opposite coasts. We've done many swaps between the two of us, and I told her if you didn't like your package, you could send it to me. Glad you like it all-it's fabulous and I love the way you've displayed everything!
    Happy Fall!!!!


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