Love Looks Like This Today...

I stayed up late Sunday night, making a detailed list of everything I needed to get done.
I needed to send invoices for eight items.
I needed to cutely and creatively package and ship fourteen items.
I needed to make two "thank-you items" for a friend that did a special favor for me.
I was armed and ready to go.  I had my to-do list all written out.

I went to bed late, but was still determined to wake up early (per one of my November goals).
I did, indeed, wake up early.  Earlier than I had even hoped for.  And I felt rested and I decided to just get up and start my day extra-early.  
And so did my children.  All of them.  All four of them.
But that wasn't a problem!  No way!  We were starting our day early.  School would be started early...and therefore, be finished early.  We'd eat lunch on time.  The babies would take their naps on time.  And I would accomplish everything on my ultra-organized to-do list.

Except then, I went in to get Eden out of her crib.  And she was screaming.  And pointing to her right ear.  I'm no genius, but having four kids has taught me that that's a pretty good indication of an ear infection.  Especially when the screaming continued...and whenever I asked her where her boo-boo was, she'd point to her ear.
Except that midst running Addie to speech therapy, dropping a check off at the bank for my dad, cashing two of my own checks, arranging a Craigslist pick-up three hours away and picking up a Craigslist item here in my own town, I received a text from my close friend, telling me that she's in the hospital with pneumonia.  And she's been there since Saturday.  And she felt stupid texting me to tell me, but she knew that if the roles were reversed she'd want to know.  And I DID want to know.
Except that midst of picking Addison up from speech therapy, dashing to make it to a pediatrician appointment on time (sorry, I don't bother with home remedies for ear infections.  other things, yes.  ear infections, no), driving across the county to get Eden's antibiotic (yes, she has a pretty bad infection), and stopping at Farm & Fleet to get my ladies (chickens) some food, I got a text from my hubby asking if we had any soup at home.  I usually keep a container (or three) of chicken noodle soup in the freezer for "I feel cruddy occasions" such as this...but I couldn't remember for sure whether I had any on hand or not.  So I worked in a quick detour to the grocery, and grabbed the necessary ingredients (chicken, fresh parsley, celery, carrots, onions, egg noodles, bouillon).

And then we came home.
And not much school work got done (don't judge.  we work ahead just to account for days like this).
And we didn't eat lunch on time.
And Eden napped on time, but Addison didn't.
And I have exactly one package ready to ship tomorrow.
I DID get all my invoices sent.
I have the gift-for-a-friend all cut out and ready to work on while I'm sitting at the hospital tonight with my friend.
And I have a 16-quart stock pot (yes, 16 quarts.  yes, that equals 4 gallons.  i don't know how to make a small pot of soup.  my mom didn't teach me how to cook small) simmering on the stove, full of healthy, healing chicken noodle soup.

Two things have been resonating through my mind

First, this quote I read on Naptime Diaries just this morning:
"I've taught people that tasks are more important than relationships."
Is that what I've done?  Is that how my husband feels?  how my children feel?  how my friends feel?  
I cannot...I will not allow my loved ones to feel that way.
Go to Jessi's post.  Really.  Do it now.  You have to read that quote in context to fully appreciate the thoughts behind it.  It's profound. Simply profound.  Profoundly simple.  And the impact that that one little statement had on my entire outlook was truly astounding.

Secondly, this thought:
"THIS is what love looks like today."
Today, my baby needed to go to the doctor.  and she needed me to drive cross-county to get her medicine.
Today, my four-year-old needed to go to speech therapy.
Today, my nine-year-old daughter needed help on several of her Stepping Stones badges.
Today, my husband needed a steaming, savory pot of chicken noodle soup waiting for him the minute he walked in the door.
Today, my friend needed someone to come and sit with her, and talk with her, and just be with her.
And today, that's what love looked like.

They didn't need me trying to make money.
They didn't need me trying to please clients and customers.
They just needed me.  Me.  My time.  My attention.  My love.

There will be plenty of days to ship packages.
There will be plenty of days to send invoices.
There will be plenty of days to please customers.
There are not plenty of days left to serve my children as children.

And so, today was spent serving them.
And serving my husband.
And in a bit, I'll get to go to the hospital and {{I hope}} serve my friend.
And I'll spread a little bit of my love over each of my loves...
because today, this is what my love looks like.

{{P.S.  I'm starting up a new hashtag over on Instagram--my favorite social media.  I'd be honored if you'd join us what your love looks like today...and tomorrow...and on...  #lovelookslikethistoday}}


  1. wow. thank you. thank you. thank you!

  2. erin, i love this so much. when you see those things through the lens of love, it changes everything. i could've used this perspective for my crazy day yesterday. thank you so much, i love the hastag and definitely plan on joining in with you!

  3. Totally inspiring. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  4. Truly inspiring my wonderful friend. Love :)

  5. This gave me chills. It is SO easy to get wrapped up in our "tasks" that we kind of shove aside what really matters. I'm totally guilty of this now that I have a little etsy shop. I'm so thankful that Travis steps up in the morning so I can get my "tasks" done, and then I take over after he goes to work. I need to stop letting my "tasks" spill into the time where my son needs me and wants my attention. Thanks for this reminder. I'm in on the hashtag.

  6. Erin, you are truly an amazing woman and I have the deepest respect for all that you do and for all that you share.

  7. This was beautiful. I really needed to read this today.

  8. I love your hashtag. and I love that i got to read your post on how you "discovered" it.


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