My November Goals Update

Remember when I told you all about my goals for this month?  Wel, I've been itching to give you a progress report!  I wanted to do this back on the 15th (you know, halfway through the month), but.....ahhhhh....LIFE happened.  I've been doing fairly well in several areas, and while I may not be quite at an A+, I know I'm still in the B or B+ range...and that's good enough for me right now. (It's all about Moderation, right?...that reference will make no sense to you unless you read the original goal post.)

❧So, let's talk about Thanksgiving first, shall we?
I'm not ready for it.  There.  I said it.  I'm just not ready for it.  Which is weird.  Really weird.  Thanksgiving is my very most favoritest holiday ever.  And I'm just not ready for it this year.  But I am ready for Christmas.  Ready.  Really ready.  Like, as in, today is only November 19, and just this morning I dragged in three bins of Christmas know, just to get me started.'s strange...I'll be the first one to admit it.  Ready for Christmas...NOT ready for Thanksgiving...yet Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I'm a study in contrasts these days.  

❧I have been working more and more on being GENTLE with my children.  I'm thrilled to report that I've seen results in this area.  I've been disciplining more--notice I did not say "punishing"...I said "disciplining"--to me, discipline equals boundaries and guidelines.  And I've been more consistent with laying down clear boundaries and a result, my children are learning precisely what is and what is not expected of them.  They are behaving better...I am being more gentle...boundaries are's a cycle that's making things flow more smoothly.  There are still many bumps in the road...on a daily basis, even.  But it's an improvement...and that's good.

❧I "accidentally" lost 8 pounds in October and wanted to purposely do the same in November.  So far I've lost an additional 2 pounds.  I'm not on track to lose the 8 I'd hoped for...but I have lost!  And I haven't gained!  Both of those are things to be thankful for.  I'm starting to fit much more comfortably into a lot of my clothes (hence the church-outfit picture above....and...we're just going to act like we don't see those smudges and smears from my littles, right?  Thanks, friends.)  If I lost another 2 pounds in the second half of the month, I'd still be very, very happy.

❧While I have not updated my Etsy shop, I have taken steps toward my Etsy goals for this month.  I've had several incredibly successful sales on Instagram (photo above is only part of the pile I took to the post office today!), and while I realize that that is not Etsy, those sales are helping me clear out non-Etsy merchandise, so that I will have the space, energy, and time to devote to my Etsy store.  It's all a process...and I've learned so much already.

❧My blog goals are also being worked on.  Most importantly, my blog relationships are being worked on.  And I'm so, so excited about that.  It's fun to blog...but to actually get to connect to the people behind all the comments...that's where the pay-off truly lies.  In the end, people are what really matter.  

❧I have not washed my house windows.  Not even one.  And evidently, not my mirrors, either.

❧I have successfully moved my wake-up time!!!  I am DAILY getting up a half-hour to an hour earlier than I used to.  This extra time on the front side of my day has proven to be priceless.  I've tried on several occasions in the past to move my rising time, with little to no success.  I am very pleased that it seems to have "stuck" this time.

❧So far, I've tried one more of The Pioneer Woman's recipes (my goal was to try two new PW recipes this month).  Last week, I made her Pasta Carbonara for dinner, along with an Italian salad and garlic bread.  Ohhhhhh yum!  Seriously, it was all soooooo delicious!  My Pasta Carbonara was a bit more yellow than hers (at least from what I can see in her photos).  I'm wondering if that's because the yolks from my fresh eggs are naturally a deeper yellow-orange. (although, doesn't PW have chickens, too??)  The Italian salad was made with a very simple homemade dressing, a recipe given to me from a friend (I'll post the recipe tomorrow).  The garlic bread was store-bought, on the WalMart day-old bread clearance rack.  It was definitely a meal worth repeating.  My hubs, who is usually not a fan of any type of white pasta sauce (no alfredo here, baby), raved about it.  So did my kids.  I counted it as a win in my book.

So, that's the recap on my November goals.  For the most part, I've made good progress.  Not perfect, but still good.

How are you doing on your November goals??? 

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  1. November goals - what are those? ;) The biggest area I need to work on is one of yours - being gentler in my discipline/correction of my girl.


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