when you just stinkin' want a cookie!

While I was smack-dab in the middle of the Whole 30, my best friend posted a basic recipe for these cookies on Instagram.  I couldn't make them then, of course (oats are not Whole-30-okay), but determined that I'd make them once I was done with the program.

I've been craving carb-y, sugary sweets, and was sorely tempted to put together a pan of Magic Cookie Bars last night--even had the ingredients out.  I'm glad I didn't.  I'm also glad I threw these cookies together this morning.  They're yummy.

I'm not going to lie to you...
They aren't Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies.  They aren't.
So if you're looking for that, you might as well stop right here.
However, if you're looking to stay on the healthy-eating path, deviating just a tiny bit to satisfy your sweet tooth, these are the ticket.

The recipe is super-duper complex.

      two old bananas
     one cup oats

That's it.
I'm laughing.  Because I'm imagining your face right now.

Mush it all together with your hands.  Scoop by small spoonfuls onto a lined cookie sheet (I use non-stick foil), and bake for 15 minutes at 350°.

I mixed the cookies just as instructed, doubling the batch, of course. {{because it's impossible for me to ever make a single batch of cookies.  impossible.  i canNOT do it.}}

And then I decided that just-as-instructed is so not me.
Which, if you know me and my style of cooking and baking, you know that's true.  I have a hard time abiding by any recipe.  I'm a recipe-breaker.  Which is odd, because I am so not a rule-breaker.  A study in contrasts, I guess.  But all of that is for another day.

So, to the just-as-instructed cookie dough, I added a generous handful of chopped pecans.

I baked one batch of those...the just-as-instructed, plus pecans...oh! and I dusted them with just a teeny tiny pinch of fine-ground sea salt before baking.  Because sea salt makes sweet things even better.

To my next batch, I added a handful of dried mixed berries.  And again, a tiny pinch of sea salt atop each cookie.
To the last batch, I added a handful...and then another handful...of chocolate chips.  And the tiny pinch of salt right before baking.

I fully expected the chocolate chip ones to be my favorite.
They weren't.
Which is odd.
The ones with the dried berries were my favorite.
Which is also odd.
Because I love, love, love chocolate.
And I'm kind of meh about dried fruit.
But I really, really liked the addition of the dried berries.

I baked my cookies for 12 minutes, took them out and flattened them a bit with a spatula, and then returned them to the oven for one additional minute.  Flattening them is necessary, they don't spread on their own.  I'm sure you could flatten them before baking, too.  Whatever floats your boat.
 Next time, I'll bake them for the full 15 minutes.  I usually like chewy cookies, but with these, I actually liked the crunchy bits better.  
I definitely liked the addition of the sea salt...to all three varieties.
Oh, and I used old-fashioned oats because I like the nutty flavor and texture that they add.  I'm sure you could use quick oats, though I probably won't try it.

So there.
There you have it.
Mix yourself up a batch and snack guilt-free.
For breakfast, I had one of each with my morning coffee (coffee creamed with half n' half, sweetened with pure maple syrup and a tiny splash of vanilla).

And enjoy your weekend!
We've got a rather lay-low weekend planned.
Surprising the kiddos by taking them out for dinner tonight--we very rarely eat out as a family.  
A short stop at Goodwill will be in order, I'm sure (since there's one less than a mile from the restaurant).
A closet clean-out...a different closet to re-organize...getting caught up on laundry (the putting away part is what gets me ev.er.y.time)...some girl time with the bestie...
And that's about it.  And I'm so looking forward to it.

I'm in a huggy mood.
If I could I'd wrap all of you in a big hug.
So please, consider this your virtual hug...from me.



  1. Mmmmm.....thanks for posting! I'll have to try this after I am done with Whole 30.

  2. I make these too and add chocolate chips and chopped walnuts. Then I usually eat them all by myself!

  3. Now I know what I'm doing with the old bananas dangling on the banana holder in my kitchen. Thanks, friend! Pinned it, too. XOXO


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