Whole 30, Day 1

cherry pie Lara bar (TJ's)

three eggs fried in a dab of olive oil

guacamole (avocado, garlic salt) dipped with 1 1/2 baby cucumbers

baked tilapia, doused with fresh lemon and lemon pepper seasoning
broccoli sauteed with three strips uncured bacon, a hefty scoop of minced garlic, and sprinkled with some bacon-habanero infused sea salt I had on hand

☛TJ's = Trader Joe's...for future reference
☛I sprinkled my eggs with a bit of Benson's salt substitute (available on Amazon).  I retain water like crazy, so I'm trying to cut back on sodium where I can, without sacrificing flavor.
☛In my guac, I like the coarse ground garlic salt with parsley--this blend is available in several brands/stores...but BEWARE, this seasoning blend usually contains sugar.  At ALDI, I found a no-sugar garlic salt blend in a grinder (not the one in the shaker).
☛The baby cucumbers...or English cucumbers...are GREAT for dipping.  No, you're not going to feel like you're eating a tortilla chip, but they still have a bit of a satisfying crunch.  And really, aren't you just looking for something to hold the guac, anyway?
☛ALDI has tilapia in 2lb. bags for $6.29.  Walmart has it in 4lb. bags for $11.97.  I usually like the size/thickness of the Walmart fillets, but really it's a case of to-may-to/to-mah-to.
☛In the interest of full disclosure...after I'd already liberally covered our fish with lemon pepper seasoning, I checked the label of said seasoning.  And discovered that it contains brown sugar.  And we still ate the fish.  And I'm still counting this as Whole 30 Day 1.  So there.  I won't use the seasoning again on this program, but I wasn't about to trash the meal because of 2% sugar on my fish.  No way, no how.  Remember, I'm looking for a sustainable way of eating...not a radical way of thought that I toss off easily after 30 days.
☛The broccoli? Ohmyword deliciousness.  You may not have any bacon-habanero infused sea salt handy, but you can make nearly the same thing, regardless.  Take three slices of uncured bacon, snip it into 1" pieces and fry it for just a minute or two over medium heat.  Toss in 1 1/2 heads of rinsed, cut broccoli.   Drizzle a bit of evoo over all.  Top with a large scoop of minced garlic and sea salt, sprinkled to taste.  Sautee over medium-low to medium heat until desired tenderness is achieved.

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  1. In regards to salt & retaining water, switch to the "brown salt" or real salt. It contains all of the minerals that salt should have but that is stripped when they process it. These minerals are necessary for the body to help utilize the salt. Without them the body will not process the salt the way God intended and therefore the reason why we retain water.


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