Whole 30 Day 3

smoothie--8oz. light coconut milk (the stuff in a can from TJ's), one frozen banana, a scant handful of frozen blueberries and strawberries, 2Tbsp almond butter (also from TJ's)...soooo creamy and delicious!

one egg, prepared like last night (orange bell pepper, onion, spinach, chicken sausage, eaten with avocado on the side)

kale chips--bought the bagged, pre-cut, pre-washed kale from TJ's...mix in a large bowl with a good drizzle of evoo, sprinkle with seasonings of your choice--I used TJ's 21 Seasoning Salute and a bit of sea salt. Bake at 300° for 15-20 minutes.  Watch them carefully, toward the end--all of the sudden, they're done...and you don't want them to burn!

sheepishly good meatballs (from Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook)
sauteed broccoli (like we had on Day 1)

☛Part of the reason that smoothies are discouraged on the Whole 30 is because they say that you can tend to eat a lot more volume of food than you normally would since it is all blended up.  I completely agree with that.  However, if you look at what was in my smoothie, even UNblended, it would have made a healthy, portion-controlled breakfast.
☛If you've never made kale chips, you need to.  Please.  Just trust me on this.  When I first heard of them, I wrinkled my nose up at the thought, too.  They are GREAT.  Really.  You'll have to stop yourself from cramming the whole batch into your face.  By the way, I shared that batch with my husband.  No, I didn't eat it all myself.
☛I omitted the butter in the meatball recipe.  Also, while the recipe called for two pounds ground lamb, I used one pound ground lamb and one pound ground veal that my dad had brought me on Christmas (he cleaned out his freezer and brought me all sorts of goodies that he wasn't going to be able to use up).  I also made my own sauce to go on the meatballs, and didn't use the sauce recipe in the book.

Today I also made my own mayonnaise!
Wish I could tell you how excited I am that it actually turned out!
When Paul and I did our first Whole 30 last March, I tried making homemade mayo...with NO luck.  I ended up with oily scrambled eggs that bore no resemblance at all to mayonnaise.  This time I used my food processor (not my blender), and poured the oil in sooooooooo slowly.  Actually, I timed myself.  To pour in 8oz of oil, it took me 20 minutes!!!  It was the thinnest, slowest stream of oil you ever did see.  But it worked!  And I was so, so thrilled.
One caveat--even though I used extra-light tasting olive oil, the mayo still tastes very olive-oil-y.  Like very, very, very olive-oil-y.  Like, yuck. Bleck. Gross.  That part--the taste--is a huge disappointment.  I'm going to try the recipe again soon, very soon...but will use half avocado oil and half olive oil, like the recipe calls for (mayo recipe also from Paleo Comfort Foods).


  1. just ordered the cookbook you mention (paleo comfort foods)...we have "the pale diet" cookbook, but I wanted to add to our recipes! thanks for the tip!!

    1. Stephanie, you're going to *love* the cookbook! I own Practical Paleo and I'm so much happier with Paleo Comfort Foods. Saw on Amazon today that there's also a Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods...can't wait to get that one, too!


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