Whole 30 Day 4

smoothie--repeat of yesterday's smoothie

it wasn't ideal, but I kind of ended up skipping/snacking through lunch.  basically it consisted of a small handful of almonds, a small fillet of tilapia left over from the other night, and two or three meatballs left over from last night

two eggs, fried up with a bit of meat left over from last night (meat for the meatballs, that I didn't actually make into meatballs...make sense?) and several handfuls of spinach...eaten with avocado on the side.

an orange...
and then an hour later...another orange

There hasn't been a ton of variety in our menu these first few days.  We're still on post-holiday cleaning/purging/un-decorating/re-decorating mode, so basically it's been all about cleaning out the fridge and using what's on hand.  
I mentioned a new cookbook I ordered, Paleo Comfort Foods, in Day 3's post....there are SO many great recipes in this book...and I plan to try several of them...hoping to average at least one new recipe a week.
Tonight, all I want is a warm chocolate chip cookie with a bowl of ice cream.  NOT paleo.  And definitely NOT Whole 30. Sigh.......

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  1. Go you!! I'm not sure I'd be able to do this because I can't stand eggs and I rarely eat meat, so I get most of my protein from legumes and dairy products, but I love that you're including what you actually eat each day so I can get an idea of what would be a possibility. Keep it up the good work, you two!


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