on treating yourself...

it's no secret that i'm doing the Whole 30.
i've heard that it's a really big thing now...
i guess it's been on the news and talk shows and morning shows and all that jazz.
for the record, i did it before it became a big thing.
for the record.
just in case you're keeping track.

one of the biggest lessons i've learned while doing the Whole 30 (this is actually my *third* W30...
and this time i'm actually doing it for 52 days, not just 30) is that i have to re-think the concept of "treating myself."

we have gotten so used to the idea of "treating" ourselves with food.
and it's usually not fresh raspberries.
or grilled zucchini.
or even an all-fruit smoothie.

we "treat" ourselves with cupcakes.
and chocolate.
lots of chocolate.
and carry-out pizzas.
and heaping bowls of ice cream.  topped with whipped "cream." 
(sorry. you do know there is nothing "real-cream-y" about that whipped cream, right?)

don't get me wrong.
i think food splurges have their time and place.
i just think those times and those places are far, far fewer and farther between than we'd like to think.

thus re-thinking my concept of "treating myself."

what follows are some random ideas i've had for ways to treat myself.
ways to make myself feel rewarded.
ways to give myself a pay-off.
ways to splurge.

and yes, some of them...most of them cost a certain bit of money.
but then again, so did that 410-calorie grande frappuccino you just gulped down. 
(yes.  410 calories.  i googled it.)

✓a manicure or pedicure.  or both.  hey, just the time of kid-free silence is well worth the cost!
✓a quart or two of fresh berries from the farmer's market.  in fact, some of my favorite "treats" come from the farm stand.  to be able to choose from all the in-season fruits and veggies...that is something worth celebrating! i love to try new produce...and take it home to try in a new recipe.  fun!
✓a hot bath.  or if baths aren't your thing, an extra-long hot shower.  lock the door.  plug your ears.  
or wait until the kids are in bed...whatever ya gotta do.
✓a new book.  yep.  this one just arrived today!
✓a new app.  geezlouise...splurge and get yourself that $1.99 app you've been pining after, wishing it was free.  just think, it's calorie-free!
✓one of these drinks.  why, yes, as a matter of fact, these just arrived today, too. (i love my amazon prime membership.  there's a completely unsponsored, un-paid-for plug right there.)  and before you gawk at the $23.50 price tag, remember that's for twenty-four. that's a little less than a dollar each.  i hate to keep harping on the poor old frappies, but you know how much you'd spend on twenty-four of them??  and at 90 calories each, these are pretty much guilt-free. (i should probably also clarify here that, while the ingredients of izze are all W30 compliant, izze drinks as a whole are not W30 approved.  one of those annoying W30 loopholes that sometimes i choose to ignore.  yah.  i'm a rebel like that.)
✓watch that show/movie/documentary/whatever that you've been wanting to see.  do it.  don't put it off.  treat yourself.
✓try a new lotion/soap/shampoo/conditioner/eye shadow/lipstick/nail polish/what-have-you.  for some reason, i get the cheapest little thrill out of trying new toiletries/cosmetics.  i do.  and i figure if i do, then probably plenty of other people do, too.  we just don't think of them when we think of treating ourselves.  
✓go for a picture-taking walk. what???  yes.  drive yourself to a location that you've driven past a hundred times and thought, "oh! i'd love to take a picture of that." and do it.  walk around.  see the sights.  just because.
✓get yourself some flowers!  look out in your backyard...is your apple tree in bloom?  what about your peonies?  there's nothing like a fresh branch of blossoms or a big puffy bouquet to make your living space come alive.  and to make you feel just that extra bit of special.  if nothing is showing its color near your house, i've seen gorgeous bouquets at Trader Joe's (and other grocery stores), reasonably priced, too! 
✓take the time to make that phone call you've been longing for.  is there a friend you haven't talked to in ages?  you think about her daily...several times a day...and wish you could just sit and chat about everything and nothing and life and nonsense?  mark it on your calendar.  set aside the time.  pop a movie in for the littles, make sure they have juice cups and fruit snacks, and sit yourself down on the couch and call that friend.
*a word to the wise...text that friend ahead of time and set up a "phone appointment" with her.  remember, her life is probably just as crazy as yours!
✓get yourself that new paint brush/pair of scissors/roll of washi tape/fat quarter/embroidery hoop you've been eyeballing.  instead of piling on calories, which will only serve to make you feel worse in the end, why not treat yourself to something that enriches your creative pursuits?
✓or you could always get yourself a new sports bra/running shorts/pair of dumbbells/fitness DVD/yoga mat.  same concept here.  instead of self-sabotage, your "treat" is actually good for you! (and a new yoga mat is tops on my wish-list right now! i've been doing my daily crunches with Jillian on a folded up blanket!)

...and now it's your turn!!!  i'd love to hear how you "treat" yourself!  
i'm always looking for new ideas...
it keeps me from cramming ALLLLLLLL.the.CHOCOLATE. in my mouth!!! 
so i'm kind-of-sort-of begging...be a dear and share your ideas in the comments below.  
my waistline thanks you!


  1. I love picture taking walks as well, I think IG has helped me see the fun in them. I treat myself with little "phone breaks" a few times a day, where I look at recipes, social media, Pinterest and blogs. No email, check book balance or other boring but necessary life stuff. Just 15 or 20 mins and I'm back to mom life. :)

  2. Re: the fact that you did the W30 before it was a thing, I'll be your witness! I remember a long ago post of yours about it and googled it at the time thinking there was no way I'd ever be able to do it. :) BTW if I pester you too much with questions about it just let me know! <3

    1. Christy, never fear...i think W30 falls into the same category as my chickens...or my favorite books...
      I *love* talking about it to people that I know are interested! Fire away with *any* questions *any* time!!! xo


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