finding balance {a series}

to say i'm excited is quite the understatement.
i'm giddy like a school-girl with a new Trapper Keeper.
{i totally just dated myself, didn't i??}
i'm jumping up and down inside like a toddler with a cookie.
i'm SO happy to announce something new 
coming to this little corner of the world.

i've contacted many of my friends...
bloggy friends, homeschooling friends,
church friends...
and some who are none of the above! 
friends from Instagram that i've never met "in real life,"
and friends that i've known "in real life" for years.
friends that are wives, moms, homemakers, crafters,
entrepreneurs, hobby farmers, and gardeners.

tomorrow will begin a series that's been growing in my 
heart and mind for several months now.

i don't know many women who haven't struggled with
finding balance
at one time or another.
there are multiple hats to wear, so many shoes to fill.
at times, those hats can get mighty heavy, 
and the shoes rather cumbersome.

come on in and sit down for a while...
rest your weary soul.
throw those hats on the front porch...
leave the shoes on the rug.

we're here to help.
none of us here are perfect...not even close to it.
and we all still have our own struggles with balance 
from time to time.
{insert hand-raise and vigorous waving from this girl right here!}
but one thing is for certain...if we can all come together
and share what we've learned
we just might lighten each other's load.

this series will be what you make of it.
words unread will be no help whatsoever.
words unwritten, un-offered cannot assist, either.
i'm looking forward to your input...your advice...your insight...your helpful hints...your interaction...
i want to hear from you just as much as every guest writer that will be posting here.
let's make this an incredible community experience.

same time...
same place...
finding balance.
i. can't. wait.

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