random randomness 7/25/14

sunday--we sang this song in church.  sometimes i think we've heard some of the same old hymns over and over again until the words mean nothing to us.  i was struck by the power behind these awesome lyrics.  and in case you're interested, here's the story behind the song.  and i giggled when i found out that it was originally decried as the "contemporary christian music" of its day.

monday--thankful for friends who fall into this category.

tuesday--finished c25k week 7, day 1.  ran 2.51 miles in 27:09 at a pace of 5.6mph.  
sloooooooooow by many standards, but a personal best.  felt good.

wednesday--we recently set up a live-by-or-die-by budget and a friend turned me on to this site.  
right now, i'm going through the tedious process of entering all our info there, but i'm excited about the easy accessibility it will give us to view all our financial data.

thursday--these colors make me want to read her books--specifically this one and this one.

friday--on this list, number 9 is one of the things i miss most with my mom being gone.  
and numbers 3, 10, and 23 made me cry.

last week's saturday-only garage sale was a bust...here in the midwest, thursday and friday are the days for garage sales.  go fig.
so, i'm manning my garage sale again today until 4:00 {did the same yesterday}, and then everything is out to the curb for freebies {we are not those people who hoard stuff away for "next year's sale"}. 
last c25k run of the week tomorrow, friends coming for a cookout tomorrow night, 
and then church on sunday.
i love the loosey-goosey, no-set-schedule of the weekends.

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week...i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too}

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