random randomness 8/15/14

saturday--i'm craving a lot more white in my life lately.  i don't think i can give up color completely, but i'm wanting to steer toward more subtle/muted colors, rather than the bright-brights that i have everywhere.  who knows if it will actually happen, though.  i've had this itch before, to no avail.  bright colors love me.  they call to me.  and inevitably, they come to live with me.  it may be earth-shattering if i boot some of them out.  time will tell.

sunday--please don't ever tire of my "we sang this song in church" entries.  because really.  i know it's a hymn.  and i know it's old-fashioned.  but if you can read those words without being completely overwhelmed by the incredible graciousness of our Lord....well....i just don't think you can.

monday--my bestie told me about this show {which i've never seen}.  which led me to check out this book {which i've never read}.  which reminded me of this book {by the same author} that i read last year.  and loved.  and then i questioned all the stereotypes i had heard about all his books.

tuesday--reasons why your outdated appliances and linoleum floor might not be as bad as you think {i found this post through a link on elise's blog.  if you've never been over there, you should really check it out.}

wednesday--truth and truth and truth and truth.  

thursday--i saw this tutorial a while back and thought it was neat-o, but then when she posted an update , i was totally sold on it.  anyone want to make me an 'EAT'?  or maybe just an 'E'?  anyone? anyone? bueller?

friday--whoa.  am i the only one who didn't know about this?  talk about an excellent {and fun} way to teach kids internet research skills.  can't wait to show this to my two oldest.

we're headed up to Lake Geneva for the weekend...
may take the kiddos to Venetian Fest for a little while.
we're on a tight budget around these parts lately {and i love it--more on that another time}...
but we may just take thirty or forty dollars and tell them that once it's gone, we're done.  we don't usually go to carnivals or fairs of any sort {they're just not "our thing"}, but the kids are at the age where i think they'd really enjoy the experience...just for something new and different.  you know, let them each take a spin on a carny ride or two, split a funnel cake, and call it a night.  we'll see.

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week--i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too}

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