random randomness 8/22/14

saturday--this op-ed piece from the NY Times...and Jenna Woginrich's fabulous response to it.  
have i mentioned lately how much i love her books?  i do.

sunday--anyone want to move to Mississippi?

monday--finished c25k a few weeks ago and ordered this shirt as a reward for myself.  it finally arrived.  

tuesday--i've read ten.  four more than the average, or so they say.  how many have you read?

wednesday--even with school soon-to-start {or already started, for some}, this free printable is sure to come in handy.

thursday--texted Natalie for advice on how to can peaches.  and she advised me to look for this sort of recipe.  and now, all i can think about is these...atop mounds of homemade vanilla ice cream.  must.make.this.happen.

friday--whoa.  hi-liter all over my computer screen.  #2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 20, 28...my word, i'm losing count.  
so good.  
and i really need to work on #14, 15, and 17.

we usually don't start school around here until after Labor Day, but i'm planning to ease the kiddos into the routine with some basics next week.
this weekend will be spent doing my "homeschool nesting"...i always get the uncontrollable impulse to purge and organized before the new school year begins.  i started today with my furnace room--had to make shelf space for the spaghetti sauce i canned today.  and the peaches i talked about up there by thursday.
family cookout saturday afternoon...
church on sunday.

life is good.
God is good.
happy friday, y'all!

{i usually share my favorite IG post of the week.  
this one hasn't made it on there yet, but oh.my.lanta.  i'm in love.}

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