random randomness 9/19/14

saturday--because it always, always bears sharing, my very, very favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe ever {the secret is to thoroughly chill the butter, though not to the point of it being set}

sunday--it feels like fall around here.  the weather hasn't climbed out of the 70's for days on end...and other than one day next week, 60's and 70's stretch on as far as the eye can see.  i'm not much for online shopping, but this really caught my eye.  i'm loving it.

monday--speaking of fall, check out the free printable in this post. my word.  the whimsy.

tuesday--trying to gather up my courage and do a post on how life-changing our recent live-by-die-by budget has been for us.  in the meanwhile, check out these simple money tips.

wednesday--really loving this simple little craft idea.  hoping to make one {or more} soon...maybe even having the kiddos join in with me.

thursday--supposed to be painting most of the walls throughout our living space white in days soon to come.  do you have any idea how hard it is to pick out a white paint?  there are more shades of white than all the other color combined.  there must be.  i'm convinced it's an undeniable fact.  see here.  {also, i asked my IG peeps this week to shoot me their favorite shades of white.  i had approximately 1,347 responses--not really, but it felt like that many--and i don't believe any two recommended the same color.}

friday--if you don't click any of the other links, click this one.  truth.  pure, unadulterated truth.  just.so.good.

because they're too good not to share...
i literally laughed out loud
in case you needed more encouragement to just "keep it real"
he's one of my favorites, this you know.  and this principle applies to so much more than provider/customer relations.

today's docket includes running around here and there with the kiddos...
taking them to a new-to-them library in a neighboring town {it's many times larger than the size of ours and what's even better--our local library card gives us borrowing privileges there!}...
hoping to stop at the garden center for a big potted mum for my back deck {happy fall!}...
dropping raw milk off at a friend's house...

the sun is shining brightly, with a cool breeze in the air.
it's a good, good day.

happy friday, y'all!

{i've been pretty quiet over on instagram the past few days...but this is my favorite from this past week--i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too...happy flag from my sweet friend natalie}

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