random randomness 9/5/14

saturday--lifestyles are built on the little things.  
i'm taking note {and copying} the 10 practical things that this little family is doing to stay healthy.

sunday--no link.  i typed out my vacation diet/exercise mantra.  i'm not trying to lose weight on vacation...
but i'm definitely trying to not gain weight.  
if i'm successful, i'll share my tips.  
if not, well...we'll act like this conversation never happened.

monday--two {very brief} arguments in favor of stepping out of the comfort zone {here and here}

tuesday--we're getting hints of fall in the air around here...makes me hungry for soups and stews.  
i'm relishing the sound of this recipe...perfect for using up the copious amounts of squash we're given every fall.  
{also, if you want the best pot roast soup you've ever tasted in your life, check out this recipe from yours truly.  again, pardon the photos...a culinary photog i am not.}

wednesday--somehow, a lot of my favorites this week have to do with priorities and agendas and such.  
re-reading this and this {from one of my friends}.

thursday--recently, i keep happening upon random mentions of this magazine.  
wondering if i need to just break down and subscribe.  i've only heard wonderful things of it.

friday--i plan on making some of these {very} soon, once we return from our road trip.  
heaven knows, i've a large enough stash set aside for them.

because they're too good not to share...
need help getting your priorities straight?
like, whoa.  mind blown.
i could literally spend hours scrolling through every tiny bit of this blog.  if you've got an old copy 
of her book that you're just dying to get rid of, i'm your girl.  yup.  feel free to shoot it my way.
finally, one more post {that i just happened upon} about breaking out of your comfort zone.  
read it.  it's worth it.

we're officially on our road trip.  in fact, this is the very first blog post i've typed out while flying down the interstate.  i mean, i'm not the one doing the actual driving, but still...blogging on the road.  exciting!
our first stop {thursday evening} is a quick overnight at our former babysitter's house.  she started watching our littles for us when she was only fourteen...now grown and married. talk about nostalgia!
on friday, i get to meet up with an IG friend before we scoot out of iowa on our way to south dakota.  
friday and saturday nights will be spent in sioux falls.
these are all new places for us...more state magnets to add to our ever-growing collection.  
more memories...memories upon memories upon experiences.  
i am so treasuring these hours and days with our kiddos.
a catch in my throat, even as i write this.
this...this is the stuff dreams are made of.
for real.

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week...i'm @tweetpotatopie over there, too.}

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