on writing letters...

there's something about this digital era we live in...
something i'm afraid we've lost...
the art of writing letters.

when's the last time you found a stack of yellowed emails bound together with a grosgrain ribbon bow?
when's the last time you saw a rumpled, dog-eared, tear-stained text tucked under someone's pillow?

my guess is...never.

i understand that the benefits of the conveniences of this day and age far outweigh the drawbacks {although at times, that's highly debatable}.
but nothing...nothing takes the place of thoughts, words, feelings, sentiments scratched out on slips of paper.

we make it such a big deal in our mind...
"i just don't have time..."
"i forgot to buy a card..."
"my handwriting is terrible..."
and on the excuses run.

but tell me, when you receive a hand-written letter in the mail--a personal letter, rather than the regular daily menu of bills and solicitations--don't you still get that little thrill as you anticipate opening it?
i don't know of many things that make me feel more like an eight-year-old at christmastime than receiving a letter from a friend.
and the thing is, it doesn't even have to be a lengthy epistle...
a simple note on a generic card will do...
but for me to know that someone actually thought about me!
and not only did they think of me, but they took it one step further and made sure to let me know that i was on their mind.

it takes a little bit of thoughtfulness, a few moments of our time, and a 49¢ stamp...
but it's guaranteed to make someone's day.

who can we surprise with just a little bit of lovin'?
~our parents or in-laws...send a few photos of the grandkids!  or if you don't have any photos at the ready, have the kiddos color some pictures!
~our spouses...i'm guilty of not expressing my love and gratitude on paper as often as i should.  i'm thinking i'm not alone?
~our kiddos...i've often said that my oldest daughter's love language is notes.  she is constantly leaving little messages of love for us.  and i know it's extra-special for her when she's on the receiving end.  i'm thinking prickly teens may even respond favorably with the non-confrontational nature of a sweet note. 
{note: that is not a non-teen parent giving all teen parents advice.  it's just an educated guess.  i learned a long time ago that the only kids i know much of anything about are those that live under the same roof as I.}
~our neighbors...especially if they're good ones.
~our pastor/pastor's wife...and even more oft forgotten, the assistant staff people of our churches.
~foreign missionaries...the stamp costs about a dollar...but consider how rarely they get surprise "happy mail."
~our children's teachers
~our employer or employees

the list could go on and on...
my point is, there really isn't much of anyone whose day couldn't be brightened a bit with a little written ray of sunshine.

as for me, i'm going to wrap this up and go pen a short note for austyn to find as soon as she wakes in the morning.

how about you?  anyone you can think of that could use a hug on paper?
take a minute and let them know you care.


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