random randomness 10/17/14

saturday--the sentiments expressed here so identically parallel the way we feel about our annual uncle tom's cabin trips...i had to share.

sunday--yes, this is still very much on my mind.  and another article, written by one of my IG friends, on the same subject.  and i love the way this woman from the UK concisely lays out so many helpful dos and don'ts.

monday--i'm new to this whole trend {purchased my YL starter kit recently}, but i love, love, love this open and honest post.

tuesday--and so then, i instantly wonder which category my hubs and i would fall into--master or disaster?  we've made it 14 years {17 if you count the dating years}, but still, it'd be interesting to see how this expert would classify us.

wednesday--this recipe looks divine for a get-together i'm going to.  i shudder a bit at the thought of store-bought dough, but i'm thinking i could easily adapt the recipe and make it my own.

thursday--do you think i could convince paul that we need one of these {but in the largest size} for over our sunroom fireplace?

friday--loosely acquainted, but her ache...so heavy on my heart today.

and because it's too good not to share...
we had a fun little giveaway from Impressed App this past week over on my IG.  i'm pretty crazy about the prints they sent me...people, these are great.  for real. {see photo below}  
they've extended a free shipping offer {valid on deco prints} to tweetpotatopie readers for this entire weekend!
simply enter the code tweetship at checkout {valid until midnight 10/20}.
Impressed App can be found online, in the app store, or on IG at @impressedapp.

so much fun coming this weekend...
craft night with a whole group of girlfriends tonight.
then tromping around the countryside saturday morning with yet another group of friends, visiting stops on our area's annual autumn drive.
keeping a friend's kiddos overnight saturday into sunday...
church on sunday...lunch and study with our couples' group to follow.

good times...good times.

happy friday, y'all!

{prints from @impressedapp.  photo on my IG--i'm @tweetpotatopie over there, too.}

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