random randomness 10/31/14

saturday--pumpkins are totally fall-ish, right? not just for halloween?  because this looks cute.  and fun.  and i'd probably slice a finger or two off while making it, but still.  fun, right?

sunday--have we become so concerned with creating a life of meaning that we've forgotten we already have one?  what if your life is already the best thing?

monday--i've been steering clear of coffee lately.  it does not nice things to me.  and i don't mean digestively-speaking...i mean IN MAH HEDDDDDDDD.  and then i read this.  and it all makes so.much.sense.

tuesday--caramelized butternut squash?!?!? ok.  i've got to be honest and admit, she had me at "caramelized." caramelized lemur liver?....mmmm...caramelized...it must be good.

wednesday--a good life story always gets my attention.  this one did not disappoint.  well worth the seven minutes it will take you to read it.

thursday--even if you're just the teeniest, tiniest small-business person like i am, this applies.  food for thought.  i've already read it twice this week.

friday--several links about capsule wardrobes in the past few weeks.  this will help you keep your pennies in mind, in the event that you're considering updating/revamping your fall attire. 

my cat has a doctor's appointment this morning.
which equates to me having a bit of alone time.
desperate times, friends, desperate times.  it's pitiful when you look forward to vet visits for a bit of peace and quiet.
we're going up to lake geneva for fish fry with my daddio tonight.
local fish fry joints on friday evenings...this is totally a wisconsin thing, isn't it?
i mean, we live in illinois...and we once lived in michigan...but no one does friday night fish fry like wisconsin.
saturday is already filling up with chores...why is it that saturdays are always soooooo full of stuff that must be done?  wouldn't it be great to be a kid again?  wake up on saturday morning..."hey, i want to stay in my jammies and watch Bonanza all day!"  those were the days. 
alas, our saturday promises gutter-cleaning, shed-clearing, leaf-burning and more general frivolity.
the best part of saturday?...dinner with friends.  now that is fun.
church on sunday...looking so forward to it.

happy weekend, y'all!
savor the time with your loves.


{from my IG this week...i'm @tweetpotatopie over there, too.}

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