i love the beginning of a new month...
new years is one of my very favorite holidays; 
and to me, the beginning of each new month is akin to a mini new years twelve times a year.

fresh starts...
clean calendar pages...
renewed goals...

november always bears a bit more of a new-years "feel" for me than any of the other months, save january, of course.
after the bittersweetness that accompanies each october, november dawns clear-eyed and level-headed...
a late-autumnal breath of fresh air.

so much feels "new" to me this month...

waking up earlier every morning...those precious minutes of solitude, of silence, have become a treasure to me.

drinking tea and smoothies...and still steering clear of coffee.
brainstorming about a new blog series, and
loving writing.

cooking with copious amounts of kale.

reading the cuckoo's calling by robert galbraith {j.k. rowling's penname}.  finding it slow getting into, but the pace is picking up.

smelling yankee's maple and white barn's creamy pumpkin candles, lit nearly every morning {and, of course, i can't find either one online}.

dabbling around a bit with selling on ebay.

finishing up some custom orders of my quilt piece hoops, and
crafting a series of incredible items for a christmasy instagram sale.

scheming about some new product collaborations...fingers crossed they'll be coming soon {and i'm so excited!}

thinking that i need to be getting out for a walk more often.

schooling addison and eden together for nearly all subjects, and totally
enjoying the "classroom feel" of teaching multiple students.

eating a lot of spaghetti squash and goat cheese and all things pumpkin {not necessarily all together}.

baking pumpkin cookies with austyn today, and
sharing that recipe soon.

heading to arkansas next week, on a plane, just like a big girl {even though i'm terrified of flying}.

wearing some new-to-me {mostly thrifted} clothes, and
getting dressed in "real clothes" every day {also new to me}, and
having so much fun doing so.

spending a little extra time connecting with loved ones and friends and neighbors, 
putting a renewed focus into my word for 2014--relationship, and
pondering over possibilities for my word for 2015.

going on a date night tomorrow night, and 
looking so forward to it.

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