a year {or so} of mantels...

{post one in a three-part mini-series...if you'd like to read the others, find them here and here.}

it's really no secret that i kind of have a "thing" for my mantel.
i absolutely *adore* decorating it for the changing seasons and holidays....
and i fastidiously document each arrangement under my IG hashtag #mytweetmantel.

i love posts like this...
where all sorts of great decor inspiration is put together, all neat and tidy, for easy reference.
and i figured, if i could use the quick go-to mantel guide, maybe you could too?

tomorrow, i'll share just a bit about the elements i use...
i'll give you some helpful and valuable tips on finding pieces that you love, using items that are versatile throughout the seasons, and getting inspiration for your mantel.

and hey!  you may not even have an actual fireplace mantel.  no worries...you aren't left out of this party!
i've seen people use a high sofa table, or even a cute little entryway table as their "mantel" area.
these tips can work for a mantel, a shelf, a table...any sort of display area that your little heart desires.

but for today!...
for today, let's look at my mantel over the past 18 or so months...

summer 2013
{this is pretty much when i firrrrrrrrst started my little "fling" with my mantel.
nothing to be ashamed of, but if you scroll down to the second-to-last photo and see my summer 2014 photo...
whoa, we came a long way, baby.}

autumn 2013
{the first season with the barn-board "pallet" that my hubby built.  
i really feel like that piece in and of itself stepped up the "mantel-game."}

christmas 2013
{enjoy this christmas mantel, folks.  there isn't another one in this post.
remember the great christmas debacle of 2014?  yah.  no christmas mantel this past year.}

new years/winter 2014
{one of my all-time favorites...i looooooooved this mantel.}

valentines 2014

st. paddy's day 2014
{i know a lot of people don't decorate for st. paddy's day--and yes, it's st. paddy, folks, not patty.
but anywhooo...i'm irish.  and my favorite color is green.  and my name means "ireland."
so really?  i kind of have to celebrate!}

easter 2014

spring 2014

summer 2014
{feel free to refer back to summer of 2013.  we're movin' up, y'all.  movin' right up!}

autumn 2014
{aaaaaaaaand this was theeeee last glorious mantel until...today.
there wasn't a christmas mantel--we've re-hashed that whole thang.
but yes.  today i finally finished my "new years/winter mantel" for 2015.
all the praise-hands.}

a few notes:
the background paint is the same color in all of the photos above.  it's called Biscayne Bay {by Dutch Boy, i believe}...
i purchased it at Menard's.  
these photos were all taken with my iphone, at different times of day, at different times of the year, and edited with different filters.  
any variation in tone is due to those factors...the color is the same, i promise.

you can see that in the fall of 2013, my hubby built and hung that incredible barn-wood "pallet" for me.  
although the paint color has now changed {not seen in any of these photos--you'll have to wait}, the pallet did go back up. 
 and i'm so glad it did.  i think i love it even more now, on its new white background.  just wait until you see it.

come back tomorrow...pretty please?
i want to chat about some of my very favorite mantel decor pieces...
where i find them, where i store them, how i use them from season to season...
and ideas for you even if you don't have a mantel!!!

see you then!


  1. I can't wait!!! You're killing me😜 and just gorgeous!!!

  2. I love all of them... the white theme was my favorite and I chuckled at the vintage Christmas ornaments still in the box. I will be back tomorrow!! You've got a talent for mantels:)

  3. I think the thing I love the most is the pallet. It's your anchor for every change. And it probably saves your wall. My hubby would keel over if I pounded a hole in the wall every time I wanted to change put the mantle. Soooo, this might be the very first thing I do moving forward. Thanks also for answering your storage question. I'm definitely moving in that direction with the things I keep in my home. What's the point of keeping it if it only ever sits in storage. Use it or girt rid of it. (Minus our Christmas tree / fall wreath stuff). Loving your blog posts and the behind the scenes info. Blessings!!! Kiley


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