if you give a woman a paintbrush...

saturday marked exactly one week left in this first month of 2015, and tonight was the first time that i've gone back and looked over my january goals for decorating and housekeeping.
i'll admit, there are one or two on the list that had somewhat slipped my mind; albeit, not entirely forgotten.
but for the most part, i'm over-the-moon thrilled with what i've been able to accomplish over these past 25-ish days.

goals 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 10 are completely finished...and by "completely finished" i mean no loose ends, no "well, i just need to do this one thing and it will be perfect"...
they're finished.
goal met.

i wanted to take the time to sit down and plot out exactly what i'd like to finish in this final week of january.
it's not that this month's focus of intentionality in decorating and housekeeping will come to a screeching halt on the 31st as i transition into next month's theme; but naturally, as my emphasis shifts, so will the drive, motivation, and somewhat-sense-of-urgency.
i want to close out this month by knocking out as many of those remaining goals as possible, and maybe even wrap up a few things that have come up along the way.

so, for this week...
{red numbers indicate "leftovers" from that original post}...

1.  i need to get a lampshade for this guy {the owl, not the cat}.
for the longest time he had theeeee coolest shade that i made from an old lampshade frame and vintage christmas balls.  i left it on him year-round...but again, this is one of those things that is just due for a change.  
this lamp is big.
i'v shopped at a few places for a shade for him, but to no avail.
hoping i maaaaaaay find one this week.

2.  {2 on original list, too} tv is still in our bedroom, still not working.  this is one of those things that this totally-tech-illiterate girl has to rely on her hubby for.  he's been so good about helping me out with some of my other projects, but with a full work week ahead of us, i'm wondering if this is one that's going to actually get checked off or not.

3.  this is one of those that wasn't on the original list, but it's made it on to the final-week list...
i'd like to get one or two things hung back up on this wall.
my walls were empty...blank...bare...for 26 days.
i've been very selective with which items i'm hanging back up, and there are a few oldies-but-goodies that simply must come back into this space.
this week.
{sidenote: the photo that i originally intended to post here included the entire wall, all the way to the corner.
which means you would have seen my whiteware cabinet in the corner--goal #7 on original list--which is done!!!!
can't wait to show it off to you--along with all the other finished projects--later this week!!!}

4.  {5 on original list} while the mail center has been successfully moved into my blogging/business desk area, i'd like to get that blue cabinet of shipping supplies tidied up and a bit more orderly before i consider crossing this one off as done.

5.  another one of those silly little things that's cropped up, but one i'd like to finish, nonetheless.
i need to finally decide whether or not to re-hang this vintage berggren bread board on this little patch of wall.
i'm leaning toward yes...just haven't actually done it yet.

6.  {6 on original list, too} of all the easy things on my list, making a weekly housekeeping schedule has somehow fallen to the bottom.  i sat down to write out a list of duties and regularity with which they need to be done, and my mind went ______________________________.
i know i clean this house.
i know i do!
but somehow, i couldn't come up with what to write on that list.
i found this on pinterest today, and it was a godsend.  so simple, but exactly what i needed to spur me to get this one done.
i plan to finish this early this week.

7.  glass-door cabinet in living room--see original post--nothing has changed.
this is simply one that i just haven't gotten to yet.

if there's one thing i've more than learned this month, it's that home improvement projects breed home improvement projects.
my original list of goals had ten items on it.
i accomplished six of those and i still have seven left.
the math doesn't add up right.

it's like the if you give a mouse a cookie books.  if you paint the walls, you'll move the furniture.  and if you move the furniture, you'll try the floor lamp next to the chair rather than the sofa.  and if you move the lamp over to that side of the room, then you'll decide that maybe the sofa would look better on that side of the room, too.  and if you move the sofa, then you'll rearrange the entire living room.  and if you rearrange the entire living room, you'll discover that now there's a spot that needs a new lamp.  and if you need a new lamp, you'll go to approximately 2,143 stores before settling on the perfect lamp.  and if this is what happened in the living room, multiply it times 100 when you consider that i did little projects in nearly every room of our main living areas.
if you give a woman a paintbrush...my new bestseller.
look for it to be released in june of 2016.
not really.

hey, you'll be hearing from me a lot this week.
be ready for it.

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