Whole 30

for a wealth of information about Whole 30, you should really browse the official W30 website whole30.com. {note: the website highly recommends that you buy their book it starts with food. i did *not* buy the book. i'd greatly suggest that you read over the website thoroughly before purchasing the book.  the website is SO full of information that you may not find the book necessary.}
from the official website, here's the basic short-short, including The Rules.
and a fabulously helpful FAQ page...including WHY you should consider doing a whole30.
and a plentiful list of many of the foods you CAN eat while on the whole 30 {note: sugar-free jello and fat-free cool whip didn't make the cut.  sorry.}

friends and their W30 experiences:
☞natalie of natalie creates
     ●first week of whole30 update
     ●my current weight loss & whole30 journey
☞elizabeth of hello apricot
     ●the best green smoothie
     ●the whole 30 is my favorite
stephanie of maydae
     ●the whole 30 category on her blog

recipes from this blog:
almond-crusted egg florentine with heirloom-ish tomatoes

green goodness dip & dressing
hearty spaghetti sauce
kale chips
pot roast soup
sloppy josephs
sprouts 'n sausage {a quickie skillet meal}

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