about me

hi, friend!
if i could, i'd invite you in for a cup of coffee.
or sweet tea.
maybe a bit of chocolate.  of course.
you'll have to push past the lazy dog,
the snoozing cat...
you'll have to listen above the cackling of the backyard chickens, 
ever-so proud of their daily lay...
and the raucous half-honk-half-screech from our two geese {just added this season!} 
who fancy themselves to be the backyard watchdogs.

i'll ask you to overlook the sofa's white slip cover--
that should have been washed last week.
the dishwasher is running...
but there are a few leftover dishes in the sink, waiting to go into the next load.
why wash them by hand if i don't have to, right?

my house isn't perfect...
but it's our home.
i love it here.
and having guests...having friends visit...is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

this is me...

❉Married to my first kiss...first (and only) boyfriend...14 years in June 2014
❉Stay-at-home mom to four precious littles--3 girls and one man-to-be--ages 11, 9(boy), 6, and 4
❉Dog, cat, and 38 chickens

And now all the other stuff!
My loves...
❉Dunkin Decaf (brewed at home) with CoffeeMate French Vanilla Creamer...
yes, DECAF.  
❉watching my children love on each other
❉honeycrisp apple wedges, swiped with peanut butter, and dunked into granola
❉watching my chickens and chatting with my geese and adding to my compost bin...
and feeling like I'm a mini-farmer :)
❉vintage linens
❉hanging my laundry out in the bright, summer sunshine; the fresh warm breeze
❉tulips (because roses are just so pretentious, you know?)
❉making to-do lists
❉crossing items off my list
❉adding finished tasks to the bottom of my list, just so I can check them off
❉yellow and grey (yes, with an 'e')
❉aqua and red
❉song of a cool night breeze whistling through old window screens
❉Thanksgiving...planted smack dab in my favorite season, autumn
❉chippy, crackling, peeling paint
❉raising my children in my Dream Home
❉puffy cotton-candy clouds and windmills
❉French pedicure on summer bare toes
❉Adirondack chairs
❉learning on a daily basis that life is best lived in the slow lane
❉friends to be real with
❉card games
❉old quilts
❉sound of child's play, the dance of their laughter
❉knowing HE is with me...and chatting with Him as I walk through my day
❉anything that mixes the flavors of chocolate, caramel, and salt--Purr...Feck...Shun!
❉taking someone's cast-off, adding a bit of creativity and elbow grease, and turning it into a treasure
❉sweet sting of precious childhood memories
❉garden-fresh veggies
❉my chickens...I call them "my girls"...a many-years dream come true
❉organizing...organizing my purse, a closet, a room...whatever...I LOVE to organize!
❉scent of fresh-cut grass
❉His Word...and its life-changing effects
❉rainbow of wild birds at my backyard feeder
❉road trips...spontaneous ones are the best!
❉a good book and a quiet afternoon
❉listening to my man as he schemes and dreams...
and talks about our "five-year plan" and our "ten-year plan"...
and knowing that he'll be with me through it all
❉universal language of smiles and laughter
❉feel of pen-in-hand...and the clarity of thought it brings
❉the lake and the sand and the sun and the beach
and  r   e   s   t

❉crackling fire in backyard fire pit
❉Sunday-afternoon naps
❉promise of Heaven...I can't wait to see Mom again
❉warm plaid on a crispy-cool day
❉apple cider and pumpkin donuts
❉crunchy leaves underfoot
❉hat weather, sweater weather, comfy-by-the-fire weather
❉imperfect friends...and those who realize I'm not perfect either...and still love me in spite of my flaws...and sometimes, because of those flaws.

here's hoping that you'll become one of those friends.


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