30 day challenge body measurement results

☛giveaway closed☚

on wednesday, i finished this 30-day plank challenge...

...and this 30-day triceps challenge...

...and 30 days in a row of meeting up with HER...

i took my body measurements on thursday (before working out), 
and had lost 5.5" total from 9 measurements taken on my body.
here's the breakdown:
left triceps: 0
right triceps: -0.75"
chest: 0
waist: -0.5"
tummy: -1"
butt/hips: -1.5"
left thigh: -0.5"
right thigh: -0.75"
left calf: 0
right calf: -0.5"

i should also mention that the hubby and i are doing the c25k program, 
and we're on week 5 of that (an incremental walk/run app that has you running a 5k in ten weeks--
keep in mind that "running" is a relative term ;)

i'm waffling.
i go through moments of being really happy with my results...
and then i hit times of defeat where i feel like the measurements should have reflected a lot more change.

here is what i know i'm happy about...
☛i know i'm happy i made it 30 days in a row...especially with Jillian's program.  i've never made it past day 15 with her, so to do it for 30 days--and 30 consecutive days at that--is a huge accomplishment for me.  i'm giving myself permission to feel proud about this one.
☛i'm happy that i woke up today (thursday) and worked out.  in fact, i may be most proud of this.  even more than the body-measurement changes, the fact that i worked out on the morning of day 31 speaks volumes about real, actual change.  my plan going forward is to do 30 more days with Jillian (this time on level 2), continue with the c25k program (and bridge to the 10k program once we complete the 5k), and find exercises to specifically target my problem areas (see below).
☛i'm happy that there was some change.  the fact that there was some change is what keeps me going, hoping (and working) for more change.

here is what i need help on...
☞my most troublesome problem areas are fourfold: butt/hips, thighs, calves, and triceps.  
my butt/hips responded fabulously to exercise (probably also due to the running).  
but my thighs, calves, and triceps continue to plague me.  
i got an amazing pair of Hunter Wellingtons this spring and they're tight on my calves.  i'm desperate to trim those babies down so i can wear my wellies in the fall.  
i'd like my thighs smaller because...well...let's get real.  who wouldn't like their thighs to be thinner?  
and my triceps?  can anyone say "tank tops?!?!?" 
☞do you have any proven, worked-for-you exercises for these problem areas?  in order of importance, it'd be triceps, calves, and thighs.  i'd love it if you'd help me out with your tips.  feel free to comment below, or contact me at the email addy on this page.  if you're able to include links to either images or video of correct form, that'd be even more awesome.
☞i realize this could be a loaded question, but i'm curious about my body-measurement results.  google was no help whatsoever...as it seems there really is no "typical" change in body measurements. give me some feedback--whether it be from your experiences or what-have-you.

feedback, peeps.  i need feedback.
i'm determined now, more than ever, to whip this old body into shape.  
if you've followed along on here (or on IG), you know that i'm eating well--
healthy, whole foods, and major portion control.
i'm on a scale sabbatical--the daily weighing and numbers were really getting to me psychologically--but i'm hoping when i finally weigh again on july 1, that i'll be within 10 pounds of my goal weight (the weight i was when i got married).
so, shoot me your suggestions, your ideas, your experiences...
heck, if you've got some magic salt for me to throw over my left shoulder at the next full moon, i may even try that.

let's make this a little more fun...
comment on this post before....well, before i get a chance to check my email on tuesday morning, july 1 (which is around 8:00am CST)...comment on here before then and i'll put your name in a little informal drawing for a summer fun package from yours truly!  i promise it will include one of my traveling mason jars...and some great other goodies.
now there...
that's worth your two or three minutes to help me get in shape, right?!?

thanks, y'all!
have a great weekend!

☛giveaway closed☚
JESSICA (comment number 11) you won!!!
and i'm such a newbie at this that i didn't request email addresses.
Jessica, please email me with your mailing addy!

and to ALL of you...thanks SO much for all your help!
i'm going to sift through all of the comments and links and find what works for me.  
i'll be back at the end of July with another update! 


  1. I have found that squats help me with my thighs - toning and firming. Although I don't do them as much as I should! I wish I had your problems and not my own...the tummy area is the worst for me! I tend to gain weight there but lose it in other areas! Any advice on that??? :) I think you're doing fabulous! 30 days with Jillian is definitely saying something! Keep it up, girlfriend! Love you!

  2. I would try calf raises for your calves. I typically do them on stairs. I saw this on youtube and thought it looked like a good routine. I haven't tried it yet, but do similar exercises in my routines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ze_6pm_A5c

  3. Awesome job! 31 days and counting! I'm on a similar venture starting piyo and shakeology starting tomorrow. Keep it up!

  4. Ummm I don't have any advice because I'm in the same boat! But I'm following along in the comments to see if I can get some help too! Happy Friday!

  5. ....continued from first ..... So I have few more tips but I have to close my eyes for a bit...

  6. Ack my whole first half didn't publish!!!'?? What ok I'll retype it later ;-))

  7. Squats and lunches for thighs! Recently have tried "sumo squats" (like a typical squat, but your feet spread out, facing outward and sometimes holding a weight in front of you with your hands). They seem very effective for thighs.

  8. Running is what gets me in the best shape - so I say to stick with that! I've done the 30 DS and loved it but haven't worked out in about a month due to my back that I tweaked. I'm roaring and ready to get back in it!

  9. I found the trim healthy mama way or eating as really helped me (physically and emotionally) and both my sister have lost 40 lb on it while struggling with adrenal fatigue.

    And girl! 31 days?!? Yeah that's a big deal��
    Also I have some salt you may be interested it... For a price of course! ����

  10. Way to go, friend!!! I have been doing a bootcamp and we use these plastic sliders and they are killer!! You use them on your feet or hands to slide on. There are probably tons of ideas of ways to use them on YouTube. And they are small to pack in a bag and take with you when you travel. Also, good ol' planks and push-ups have been awesome!

  11. Running has always been my go to! My body responds best to it. When I want to tone up, I usually run a mile then stop and do squats, run 1/4 mile and do push ups, run another 1/4 mile and do lunges, and keep doing 1/4 mile with and exercise until I want to die:)

  12. Well and heck, I wrote this long comment and can't find it now. Running!! I did the c25k and I'm now training for my first half. I've found that running has really trimmed me down all over. Good luck. You already look great!

  13. Ok I'll try this again:-) squats work wonders weighted or freestyle...great for thoughts and hip/butt you can lift even smaller weights and do the butterfly pose and that's great for your back and triceps and shoulders. Also wall wings are really good for to ing and

  14. Cont... Wall wings -stand against the wall like a snow angel and bring arms up and over head:-). And stay encouraged!! I think your doing great!! You inspire me too :-)) keep it up:-)

  15. Sorry my type ing is all split up it keeps kicking me off:-(( and it changed some of my spelled words...hope it helps thou.

  16. I started doing a combo of walking lunges, jump squats, scissor jumps and step up to work my thighs. I'm really noticing a difference!

  17. Great job! Keep it up! It's so hard for me to stay so motivated :/

  18. girlfriend!! those are AMAZING results!!!! seriously, erin. like when you shared that you lost over 7 inches, i almost passed out. when i did whole30 & was working out hardcore, i lost ZERO inches. i was so sad. 7 inches is a BIG DEAL. you go, girl!!! lets do a 5k together :)

  19. I just started a Piloxing class a month ago and it works your whole body, especially those areas you mentioned!! The class aspect keeps me accountable but there are videos too! It's so hard getting old!! :)

  20. For your triceps try holding a weight you are comfortable with behind your head with the weight down and your elbows up and both hands on the weight and raise the weight up while holding your lower arms still. You should feel it in your triceps. I think they are called tricep raises but I'm not sure. Or pretend you are starting a push lawn mower and pull your arm back and forth while in a squat like stance. Works your arms and legs! Keep going you are doing great!!!

  21. Weight lifting. Not like, heavy weights to get man muscles but, weights. I'm for sure no expert as I have a good 40 pounds to lose myself. But, I've heard when you hit a plateau that weight lifting will change your body, or jump start it again. :0)

  22. Oh goodness girl, I wish I had some advice for you! However, I'm in the same boat and could use some guidance as well. ;)). Good luck, sounds like you're off to a great start though...keep going!

  23. Look up the "8 minute abs" video on YouTube. It's an 8 minute an workout that gives you awesome results if you keep up with it!

  24. 30 days with Jillian was a huge accomplishment! The only thing that works for me for overall body results is running, any form ;)

  25. As a personal trainer for many years, spot reduction is a myth! For free at home workouts I suggest blogilates and pair with a yoga DVD. Everything that you are doing is spot on and the improvements are showing in your motivation, level of commitment, and sooner than later the way your clothes fit. Always always remember to stretch, age old debate is when, before or after a workout. I prefer after when the muscles are warmed up. Hang in there! You are rockin it!

  26. Awesome job with consistently keeping with so many different workouts...that is awesome!! I just started couch to 5k today and the 30 day plank challenge last week...ekk!! For thighs and calves...a friend told me to look into how ballerinas stretch. They are super strong but have long lean muscles due to how they stretch after their workout. Just a though. Keep up the good work!!! .

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  28. No advice.....but wanted to say.....Good job!!!!

  29. I am almost done with 30 Day Shred and my results would be similar if I had measured. If I'd paired it with healthy eating (the only thing that ever changes my shape/size significantly), I think results would be more obvious. The fact that the workouts get easier over the 10-day period the true indicator that I'm benefitting, even if I can't weigh or measure those results.

  30. Aside from hill running (which kills everything but in a good way) cycling is a great calf thigh and butt workout plus it can be really fun. We have a weekend ritual where we cycle out into the country and take a thermos and in general MAKE EXERCISE FUN. Haha. Step ups onto a bench or tall step are great and squat leaps which are a squat into a leap fully into the air. Rising onto tiptoes throughout the day is great incidental exercise. Do it anytime you think of it and you can tuck one foot behind the ankle of the other and do one foot at a time. :)

  31. I sent you some emails with ideas...also what about going back to the old tried and true glute exercises where you are on your back rising and lowering your pelvis and squeezing your glutes.

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