random randomness 7/18/14

heard (and loved) this song.

listened to my friend and looked up this blog post on drinking your coffee with two hands.  
trust me, it's a must-read.

planning to spend some quality time this coming week doing this.

reading this during my devotions.
and this just for fun.  indelible proof, once again, that you can, indeed, judge a book by its cover. 
{i've held that belief for years.}

that last sentence looks comma-heavy; but I googled and I am, indeed, supposed to place commas before and after "indeed" when used in such a context. {the short-short of the rule is, if "indeed" can be removed from the sentence without changing the general meaning of the sentence, it should be encapsulated with commas.  just call me Grammar Granny.}

totally not paleo or whole30, but i'm planning on making this cake for our church potluck on sunday.  what's more, i'm planning on eating a {tiny} piece, too.

going to find that link for you led to my alphabetizing my Pinterest boards.

garage saling with my bestie until noon tomorrow.  then lunch.  then setting up for my own garage sale.  saturday is packed with our garage sale until 2:00, end-of-the-week c25k run with the hubs, a birthday party, and food prep for sunday's get-together.  then church on sunday and the annual church picnic to follow.
a full, fun weekend!

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week...i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too}

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