random randomness 8/1/14

saturday--we had friends over and i made a paleo version of this salad.  
it turned out so good that i made it again today.  i'll share the recipe soon.

sunday--listening to the radio on the way to church 
and wondered if i'll ever hear this song without crying...or without thinking of her.

monday--started training with weights.  is this called weight training?  i'm such a newbie that i'm not even sure.  we {paul and i} are using free weights and doing just a few basic lifts/moves three to four days a week.  we are being "coached" by a weights-knowledgeable friend of paul's.  i'm excited for this new phase in our fitness...looking forward to even more trimming/toning/shaping!

tuesday--i had just read this post on alicia paulson's blog (one of my very, very favorite blogs for ever and ever--for reals, you should bookmark it and check it out often) and chuckled over the photo of the freebie plums, and the adorable homemade sign that "advertised" them...and was also struck by a bit of envy for the quaint, homey neighborhood she must live in...
and then, tuesday afternoon, i was driving down a hilly country road, not far from my house, and i happened upon this happy little bit of sweetness...
don't you just love it when circumstances collide like that?
this handmade little wagon was brimming over with pan squash, cucumbers, beets, ginormous zucchini, and sugar snap peas.  
and it was all free!  i'm not exaggerating when i say that this pretty much made my day.  and not because i received a bunch of free veggies--i actually only took a zucchini, a few cukes, and a handful of peas--but because the goodness and kind generosity of random strangers to random strangers was just such a breath of fresh air.

wednesday--this is a truth that we so incredibly need to teach our children!

thursday--i'm not typically an on-line clothing shopper...and i'm even more not typically an on-line anthro shopper...but i'd like to order all six of these t-shirts, please? {yes, there are six fabulous styles...click on the color options and you'll see the others.} i'll take them in a medium.  or in a large if anthro sizes run small.  mmmmmmm-kay?  thanks.

friday--spending the day with the bestie today and wanted to spoil her with a yummy lunch.  
so i made this.  and this.  and this-ish (again).

so, today's a full day with my bestie...we're garage-saling this morning, then feeding the kids {there are 11 between the two of us}, then feeding ourselves {with my yummy homemade lunch}...then an afternoon of just being-together-time...hopefully followed by a card game when the husbands get off work tonight.
my men have haircuts on saturday morning...and then nothing too ambitious planned for the rest of the day.
sunday is church, followed by a small-town local parade, followed by a sunday-school-class picnic.

i haven't allowed myself to think about the fact that we're now into august.  i'm like an ostrich, sticking my head in the sand, refusing to face reality....
except i'm sticking my toes in the sand...and my beach chair in the sand...and our towels...and our little green pails...and little red shovels...i'll stick it all in the sand if it will make summer hold on just.a.little.bit.longer.
{{and of course, i get that all typed out and then find out that it's a myth.}}

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week--i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too}

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