random randomness 8/29/14

saturday--if you're slightly addicted to instagram {like i just maaaaayy be}, you must check out
this blog post from elise.  i've already posted a few IG's that i just love, thanks to her tips.  
theeeeee very best pointer she gave, in my opinion, is in the comments.  if you scroll through the comments section, you can't possibly miss it...because my comment immediately follows it, lauding its praises.
no.  i won't tell you.  you have to go see.

sunday--someone told me about this book.  and then, later at walmart, i came across this book.  
and even though i've never read any of these books, i'm considering reading those other two 
{they're all by the same author--the first two mentioned were written under a pen name}.

monday--ignore the bad photos {hey, this isn't a photography blog--and yes, they're pretty terrible}, 
and make this cake.  
it's been a long while, but i baked it again this week.  and oh....my.  yes.  it's just.that.good.

tuesday--completely filled my devotion journal...and treated myself to this new one from target.

wednesday--are you in back-to-school season around your house?
i'm never on facebook.  like never, ever, ever.  but a friend texted me this link this week and i loved it.  
and then i saw that it was floating around facebook.  so...chances are you've probably already seen it.  
but just in case you haven't...do.so.now.

thursday--typical of his dinner-time questions, paul posed this one to austyn tonight.  
did you really know the answer before you read it?

friday--whoa.  rock.my.world.  who even knew this was possible??

because it's just too good not to share...
this podcast...
this handbag (although i like this print much better)...
speaking of prints...
and lastly, take this recipe and this recipe, combine them to your tastes and come up with a perfect hybrid fresh peach salsa.  we omitted the honey, but loved the garlic.  be sure to add enough lime juice and red onion to off-set the sweetness of the peaches.  sooooooooo yummy.  we ate it over fish tacos.

my hubs had to work this past sunday; but as a trade-off they gave him friday off.
he, in his supreme kindness {no sarcasm, truly}, turned and gave me friday as a "day off" for myself.  
i love my children madly and deeply; but given our constant togetherness {as by-product of homeschooling}, i sometimes need a {long} bit of alone time.
i'm headed to the library for a {hefty} stack of books to take with me on our road trip {leaving late next week}.  our local library is closed {they're moving to a new location} so i'm exploring the library in a neighboring community {they extend their borrowing privileges to our library members}.  you'd probably laugh if you knew how excited i am for the quiet of a few hours in an unknown library.   it sounds absolutely delicious to me.

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week--i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too.}

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  1. canning fresh blueberries?! awesome! I might have to try this. right now we are freezing all the fresh ones we can to use in ryan's green smoothies.
    peach salsa…i made and canned some a few weeks ago…so yummy!
    enjoy your alone time. i totally get it. you deserve it.


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