random randomness 8/8/14

saturday--finished c25k and ran a 5k!!!  paul and i really wanted to find a local-ish 5k to participate in, but that just didn't happen...so we ran in one of our favorite places...the local cemetery.  no joke.  

sunday--i was supposed to bring a dessert for the after-church picnic.  saturday night, i was determined not to run out to the grocery, so i made do with what i had on hand.  it wasn't pinterest-worthy, but bears mentioning.  
take a yellow cake mix {or white/vanilla cake mix would work well, too...i plan to make the cake part from scratch next time}and mix according to box instructions except cut the water in half.  spread batter in prepared baking dish.
sprinkle an entire 16oz. bag of frozen fruit {not thawed} evenly over cake batter {i used a bag of frozen berry blend, but frozen raspberries or blueberries would work nicely as well}.  press firmly with hands or large spoon to push fruit down into the batter {do not stir}.
bake until cake springs back when gently tapped in the middle--i found that i had to bake it a good bit longer than the box instructions.
allow to cool 20 minutes.
using a large fork, pierce the top of the cake, making holes over the entire surface.
in a medium size bowl, mix a small box of strawberry jello with 1 cup boiling water until jello has completely dissolved.  pour in ½ cup cold water and mix well. 
slowly pour the jello mixture over the cake, allowing it to fill the holes in the cake.
chill thoroughly.
when ready to frost, take one pound fresh strawberries and mash with a fork or potato masher.  gently mix this puree with a 16oz container of cool whip.
frost the chilled cake.
serve in ginormous chunks.

monday--when they say 'they don't make them like they used to,' sometimes they're referring to marriages, too.

tuesday--speaking of 'they don't make them like they used to,' did you know this about henry ford?  it totally intrigued me.  

wednesday--this post from emily freeman reminded me a little of ashley's post about two-handed coffee {told y'all about that one a couple weeks ago}.  i love both posts and need to have them pasted throughout my house, i do believe.

thursday--thrilled with the fresh produce we've been able to purchase lately...preparing it just about every way possible.  these twenty-five salad ideas will come in handy.

friday--i can't wait to research this and see how/what i can implement into our home-schooling routine.

we have a loosey-goosey weekend coming up, without much planned...
feels good after go-go-going for so much of the summer.
haircuts for paul and colton on saturday...
lifelong friends coming over for dinner on sunday...
lots of sunshine...
gonna relax and soak some of it in.

happy friday, y'all!

{favorite IG post of the week--i'm @tweetpotatopie on there, too}

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