random randomness 9/26/14

saturday--a hashtag worth following.  
{for what it's worth, her blog and IG are worth following, too.}

sunday--i've already told you how much i enjoy snooping in other people's bookshelves.  
this post is almost just as good as the real thing.

monday--love at first sight.  oh...and...um...probably this, too.

tuesday--maybe everyone in the world already knows how to make the very best drop biscuits.  but just in case you don't...
{yes.  i actually made these on tuesday.  they are *super-duper* simple.  and a cheese grater works beautifully for "cutting" your butter.  you're welcome.}

wednesday--mrs. meyers products for $2.24 each?
join epantry. {yes, it's a "subscription," but you can cancel after your first order, if you so choose.  that's what i thought i would do.  several months later, our love life is still going strong.  believe me, this is a company worth working with.}
you'll automatically get $10 off your first order for ordering through my referral link above. {order must have $30 worth of goods...don't freak out, keep reading.  you won't spend even nearly that much!}
while you're on their site, answer whatever goofy little question pops up in the box on the lower left of your screen...save another $2.
use the hashtag #epantry on facebook, instagram, or twitter, and save another $1.
order 4 mrs. meyers hand soaps {$4.03 each} and 4 mrs. meyers countertop sprays {$3.69 each} for a total of $30.88.  {this is just one scenario--you can order whatever your sweet little heart desires, just so long as it adds up to $30+. by the way, these things make great adult stocking stuffers.  just sayin'.}
Subtract your $13 in savings and your cost comes out to just $17.88--only $2.24 per item! 
{shipping is usually free.  if it doesn't come up as free on your order, just go back to that funny box in the lower left corner and ask JD for free shipping.  he's guaranteed me he'll say 'yes'☺}

thursday--i guess i'm a kool-aid drinker...i just ordered this.  and it comes with this.  kool-aid has never smelled so good.

friday--is there something from her in every friday's post?  she's one of my faves.  {and a follow-up, if you liked that article.}

because they're too good not to share...
☛this is really random, even for one of my randomness posts, but i nevah, evah, evah see bob's red mill coupons.  if you're trying to eat healthier, chances are you've used some of their products.  
so.  if you'd like some supah-good coupons, check this out.  and no, i don't earn anything through this.  just sharing because i'm nice like that.
☛oh.my.word.  cannot handle the cute.
{follow links on ☝that page☝ for info--looks like she's selling these soon.}
☛the definition of true beauty

so much good stuff happening this weekend...
homeschool co-op today--we are so excited!!!  we missed this year's first meeting because of our family vacation, but have been eagerly looking forward to today.  this is our third year in this group and we have been so blessed by the amazing friendships both the kids and i have formed with the other moms and children.
later this afternoon, my sweet SIL is taking all four of our kiddos, so paul and i can get away for the night.  we're going up to lake geneva to spend the evening with my brother and his girlfriend, then heading up with them to the WI Badgers game in madison on saturday. 
 hoping to get in a bit of time browsing the fantastic madison farmer's market, too.
church on sunday...
and then a bit of breathing and relaxing time on sunday afternoon.

happy friday, y'all!

{my favorite IG post of the week--i'm @tweetpotatopie over there, too.}

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