random randomness 10/10/14

saturday--a friend told me about these biscuits.  and i'd never heard of them.  and then this week, our neighbor-friend ate dinner with us, and austyn was talking to him about them, 
and he exclaimed, "oh, yah!  i love those!"
i guess they're a thing.
who knew?

sunday--free printable from elise.  because a friday random post wouldn't be complete without her.

monday--saw someone on facebook {which is laughable as rarely as i'm on there} recommend this.  
and i think i may just bite the bullet and try it.  i'm beginning to realize that my days of cheapo-wally-world make-up may need to draw to an end.  at least with some products.

tuesday--i think i'm in love with annie.  she sings my song.

wednesday--my hubby knows of my complete inability to do this.  
maybe that's why he emailed me this article.
{i jest.  i mean, i am completely incapable of such.  but that's not why he sent it to me.  
he's just generally all sorts of sweet like that.}

thursday--best $13.49 you'll spend for 2015.  seriously.  had this for 2014 and love, love, LOVED it. 
{well, i still do love it actually.  for 82 more days, at least.}

friday--i've heard about this here and there and pretty much everywhere.  and i'm really, really, REALLY tempted to do it.  allotting $1,000 in the budget for it isn't going to happen, but that doesn't mean that i can't still implement the idea.

this morning we're off on our annual fall, long-weekend trek to ontario.
ontario, wisconsin, that is.
my parents took my brothers and me to ontario every fall--we went for peak leaf-peeping time--ever since i can remember.
now paul and i take our kiddos up there every autumn.
all those photos from my childhood...all staged in places that are etched in my memory...and now re-creating those same bits of nostalgia with my own little ones...
it's an amazingly special experience.
we stay in an authentic log cabin, owned by a family friend of ours...my dad's high-school biology teacher.  "uncle tom" was fresh out of college, so even though he was my dad's teacher, there were really only a handful of years between them in age.  teacher and student by weekday, hunting buddies by weekend.
and that's how the whole tradition of going up to "uncle tom's cabin" got started.
ontario is the tiniest little town, comprised of mostly amish folk, tucked into the highest hills and deepest valleys.  we're convinced that the stars really do shine brighter there.

it's gonna be a great weekend, folks.
get out and enjoy it with your loves.


happy friday!

{so much goodness this past week...shared a bunch of it over on my instagram.
i'd have to say that this one's my favorite, though.
i'm @tweetpotatopie over there, too.}

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  1. Not much beats Northern Wisconsin in the fall! Have an awesome trip!


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