corners of our home

hey, friends!!! i know it's saturday, but i just couldn't resist popping in here on this--the last day of this month!!!--to show you a few little corners of our home that i've spruced up this month!!!
grab your hot cuppa, c'mon in and join me for a little saturday morning visit!

this shelf is above the fireplace in our sunroom, the first area anyone sees when they walk in the door.
one thing i've especially loved during this redecorating process is making use of sentimental items.  i decided that i was tired of hanging on to certain things "to use someday," and that "someday" was finally here.
my dad built this shelf for my grandma, his mom, as a high-school shop-class project.  when mimi passed away, it was given to him and he passed it on to me.  the haviland bird cup & saucer sets were my mom's and i recently found the matching plates on ebay {for 99¢!!!}.  the small green saucer and pitcher on the lower right were my mimi's childhood dishes and were also passed on to me from my dad. {the yellow rose plates and yellow vase on the top shelf were also mimi's!}
it means so much to me that i was able to gather items i love from people i love and display them in a cohesive fashion.

this is an overhead loft area, walking into the dining area from the sunroom.  all of the globes were thrifted and all but one or two are vintage.
the double-barrel shotgun was passed down to my hubby from his dad.

this is another open cabinet in our kitchen...i did a little re-arranging in here this month.  i'm still hanging on to some bright pops of color here and there...especially in the kitchen!

this slatted shelf above the kitchen sink is perfect for small succulents and other plants that i'm rooting for propagation.  that sweet antique bird planter was a recent birthday gift from my thoughtful friend, denise.

i love this bright and cheery corner as you walk into our kitchen & dining area...if you peer closely, you can catch a glimpse of the coffee station in the reflection!
{hello sign from just add sunshine}

and because i promised i'd show you, here's my whiteware cabinet in the corner of the dining room {adjoining to the kitchen}.  i've already added a piece or two since this photo was taken, but i love the ever-evolving nature of this collection.

i've been very selective with what pieces have gone back up on our walls, but these were must-haves for our home.
the black phone hung in my hubby's papaw and granny's home all through his childhood--their phone number is still typewritten on the paper in the center of the rotary dial.
the praying man print hung in my hubby's childhood home...
the "christ is here" sign was thrifted ages ago...we often wonder if it used to hang in a church?
paul bought me that old-school pencil sharpener for christmas a few years ago--really, nothing sharpens pencils like these good, old sharpeners.
also, pencil sharpener for christmas? enter this exhibit as further proof that this man truly gets me.

another {closer-up} view of our mail center...more on that in this post.  the vintage ransburg bread box holds current bills, mail, and paperwork that we like to keep handy.

we've had that medicine-cabinet-turned-entry-mirror since we owned our very first wasn't even a question as to whether or not it would make it back up on the walls.  besides, it's perfect in the new neutral-ish color palette.
sweet denise also made the chicken wire cloche for me.  crafty friends are the best type of friends, don't you think so?

if you were paying suuuuuuuuper-close attention when you read this post, you may remember that i mentioned needing to fix a broken vase that had sat on the laundry room counter for the better part of nine months.  bam!  done.  here's proof.
oh.  also proof that i did the tiniest bit of re-arranging in this cabinet...another goal checked off the january list.

you may recognize this table as the location of the unfortunate whitewash-the-lamp-spray-paint-the-shade-deck-the-shade-with-ruffles lamp.
yes.  it's gone.
and this $50 lamp from target took its place.
lesson learned? even the savviest thrifter occasionally needs to pay full price {well, i did have a $5-off-$50 purchase coupon, so technically not full price} to get exactly what's needed for a space.
i haven't regretted it for a second.
a big thank-you to my precious mom-in-law for that birthday gift card to tar-jay...and hence, this lamp.  

shelf is another built-long-ago treasure from my dad, many of the knick-knacks are family pieces.
{print from blossom and vine}

and just to keep it real, just so that you know this month will still end with a list of ongoing goals, here's what it looks like in front of my big picture window right now.
i may have spent a week's salary on house plants at home depot yesterday. 
money?  who needs money?  we have clean air, baby.

y'all have been so good about following along with me during this month of intentional in decorating and housekeeping.  i canNOT even begin to describe to you how very excited i am about what's to come for february.  join me here next week?
i just can't wait!

happy weekend, y'all!


  1. Every corner of your home is beautiful, it seems. :)

    Sarah |

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