intentional in...

{to read more about my word for 2015, look here.}

i'd had all these thoughts, these goals, these ideas, these personal challenges tumbling over each other in my brain for weeks on end.
i'd spent hours in thought, trying to fit all those things into a nice, tidy package, labelled with a single word.

finally, i had my word.
and once it came to me, it was an instant fit.
and all those thoughts and all those goals and all those ideas and all those personal challenges suddenly marched in single file, into orderly columns of brain space.

my brain loves orderly columns.
you know this about me.


 adjective \in-ˈtench-nəl, -ˈten(t)-shə-nəl\
: done in a way that is planned or intended
done by intention or design :  intended <intentionaldamage>

intentional says so much about what i want...what i want for my family, what i want for me, 
what i want to be.
notice the synonyms.  they're pretty powerful, too.

i've thought of so many areas of my life in which i'd like to be more intentional.
intentional in parenting
intentional in decorating
intentional in blogging
intentional in marriage
intentional in health and fitness
intentional in finances
intentional in business
intentional in housekeeping
intentional in friendships
intentional in schooling
intentional in personal care
intentional in worship and devotion
intentional in reading 
intentional in creating

these aren't in any order, certainly not in order of importance.  they're just categories that came to mind when i was thinking about living my life more intentionally.

that list above is a big list.
an important list.  but a daunting list, nonetheless.
it would be easy for me to look at such a list and do one of two things:
jump in with both feet, tackling everything all at one time, spreading my time and thought and energy so thin that i burn out no later than march 6th.
decide that there are so many areas that need work that it's nigh unto impossible so why even start in the first place i think i'm just going to give up.
run on sentence? yes.
good plan of attack? not really.

i've decided to choose twelve areas of my life--one for each month of 2015--and work on intentionality in each of those areas.

rather than looking at these as twelve individual blocks, laid out in a slender, straight line, i'm looking at them as interlocking bricks, each building on--and in turn strengthening--the others.

i realize i'm only a handful of days into this, i do realize that.
but i'm loving this approach.
it's made it manageable.
it makes intentional feel attainable.
i need that.

i can't wait to tell you about the category i'm working on first! 

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  1. I totally dig your word for 2015! I did a little unpacking of that same word in my 30 days writing challenge last October... though I certainly need to revisit it again! ♥ Happy Intentional 2015!!


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