PSA: Your Laundry's Best Friend


We've all heard the old adage,
"A dog is man's best friend."
Well, I am here today to introduce you to...
{{{drumroll, please}}}
your laundry's NEW best friend!!!

It's not Oxi-Clean.
It's not Clorox 2.
It's not even Tide Stain Stick.

Oh,'s much simpler {and cheaper} than that.
And you need look no further than your kitchen sink.
Yes, your kitchen sink.

Ladies and Gents,
your laundry's best friend is....
Dawn dish soap!!!

I've known this secret for years...
used it many, many,
countless hundreds of times.
And I'm here today to show it to you!!!

I'm a mom to littles.
Four littles to be exact.
Every mom knows that there's one secret to get your kids to eat anything...
Ranch dressing.
I swear, pour Ranch dressing over an old work boot, 
and my kids will gladly nosh on it until it's devoured.
They love Ranch dressing.
And, for the most part, I do too.
Except for when it gets on their clothing.

You know the drill...
they're eating carrots...or broccoli...or an old boot...
dipped in Ranch dressing.
Suddenly a blop (or three) lands on the shirt.
You swoop in and save the day by wiping it off with a dish rag.
Crisis averted, right???
You're going to throw that shirt in the wash, 
forgetting all about those pesky Ranch dollops...
then you're going to toss it in the dryer...
and only once you go to fold it are you going to notice
that it looks like this!!!☟☟☟
{{can I get a witness???  You know you've been there!!!}}
Dawn dish soap is here!!!

Simply drizzle, smear, daub...
{basically I mean apply it how ever your little heart desires}
apply Dawn to the wet-looking spots like this☟☟☟
Do not wet the fabric.
Do not scrub the spots.
Do not work harder than you need to.
Just put the Dawn on the spots.
That's it.
You're done.
Now throw the shirt back in the dirty clothes pile to be washed later.
Later...meaning later today...
or tomorrow...
or a week from now...
matters not.

Because while your shirt is lying there,
waiting to be washed,
super-hero Dawn is doing her work.
And when that shirt gets washed next time
{with NO further action from you...
don't rinse the Dawn, don't scrub the Dawn,
just leave it!!!
throw it in the wash just like that!}
it's going to come out
looking like this!!!☟☟☟
You're seeing that right!
A washed-in, dried-in stain...
and it vanished that easily!!!

let's review.
This time, I purposely applied a ridiculous amount of Ranch dressing
to one of my four-year-old's shirts 
{one of my favorites...and yes, I had a few moments of 
what-if-this-doesn't-work panic}
That big spot?   Ranch dressing.

That big spot?  Ranch dressing that has been washed and dried into this shirt!

Those spots?  Dawn dish soap that I sloppily schmeared on there.

And those spots???
That's right.
The spots are gone!

This is going to revolutionize your laundry life.
It will.
I've used it on so many other stains, too.
In fact, Dawn is always my "try this first" approach to any laundry stains.

Try it!!!
I can't wait to hear how thrilled you are!

✏This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you courtesy of Tweetpotatopie...
just because I'm nice that way.
Happy Laundry Day.


  1. wow. this is SO great. my husband RANDOMLY gets grease spots on EVERY shirt of his. No idea how...I have to try this.

    Also, do you know what Dawn is ALSO great for? Mixed with warm white vinegar-- it cleans bathtubs/showers like NO ONE's business. it is INCREDIBLE. even the husband noticed after I used it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You're the best... I linked you up on my blog. ;)

  4. What? I've thrown out Dawnable tshirts????? Many times, I might add. I will definitely be giving this a go!

  5. Thank you so much for the perfect tip. I have a four year old boy and this happens so often lol thx

  6. You're cute! I love this post :) I never knew about the miracle of Dawn until we started cloth diapering and they recommend it for washing the diapers!

  7. You are brilliant. I have random little weird spots on some of N's favorite clothes so I am TOTALLY trying this. :)

  8. this makes me ridiculously happy. you have changed my life. and now I will actually have hand-me-downs from my older boys to my younger boys!

  9. Does this work on whites or will the dye from the Dawn do more damage than good?


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