PSA Update: Your Laundry's Best Friend

Remember this post?

Just wanted to give you a little nudge...
a little reminder...
to try the incredible laundry miracle otherwise known as 
You've got to.

I wanted to show you this☟☟☟
You do see those little wet-ish looking spots up on the dark blue stripe, right?
This is one of Addie's newest Hanna Andersson dresses 
(bought from my very favorite kid's-clothes-selling Insta-shop @phoebes_closet)...
I was NOT ok with permanent grease spots on it.

Fortunately, I didn't need to be ok with the grease spots☟☟☟
Pretty awesome, huh?
You'll love me forever.

Also, an answer to one of your questions....
This does work on whites.
I've never had an issue with the dye from the Dawn
causing any damage or discoloration on white.
And again, you're going to use plain old Dawn.
The blue or the green or the yellow or the amber...
they all work just fine.
But don't get all fancy-schmancy and try to use the Dawn with bleach.
Don't.  Just don't.
The plain old stuff is what you want.

Also, just wanted to let you know,
tomorrow I'll be posting the epistle known as 
Chicken Soup 101.
It started out as a few simple paragraphs.
Several hours later, I'm still working on it.
It might be my most lengthy post to date.
But it will be a valuable resource for any CNS newbies out there...
chock-full loaded up with all sorts of handy info and kitchen tips.
See you tomorrow!!!

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